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  1. To get to grips with DSS I found this video was quite useful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0JSTF8SGi4. It is very basic but gives you an understanding.
  2. I couldn't wait for a response, too giddy. Won't do it every day but, not too shabby.
  3. I'm asking first before I potentially damage my camera. Is it possible to use Solar Eclipse Glasses with a Camera Lens, or would the Lens still magnify too much and cause internal damage? The glasses are Optical Density 5.0. Having watched Stargazing Live I went and bought myself a set, and as I have some spares, had to buy 5, was wondering if they could be used as a cheap alternative.
  4. So, it's gone from somethng to nothing to something to nothing to something to dead to possibly alive again. Will this thing please make up it's damn mind. Recent SOHO shots looks pretty impressive though, there is hope still.
  5. And there was me thinking such hostility on an Astronomy forum wouldn't exist, my mistake. On topic, is anyone actually able to get SOHO to load up? Constant connection timeouts now.
  6. I know we won't know for sure, but roughly how long will it take for us to see C/2012 S1 (can we please use it's real name) has passed the Sun? I have a wedding party to go to at around 19:30pm tonight (inconsiderate family member lol) but want to know.
  7. I am, Perseids was a bit of a let down to me. For Geminids I have planned ahead, got a good spot lined up in a village near where I live. To solve the dreaded dew problem I will, somewhat stupidly, be using the car as a giant dew shield. Park the car facing east, sit the camera on the dashboard shoot away. If it gets cold, switch the car on for a few minutes.
  8. Checking through the pictures I managed to take, what a waste of time. ISON is there but splodgey, Lovejoy isn't too bad. Downside is I can barely move my right hand, little chilly this time of year eh. I really hope it surives the encounter with the sun but, I doubt it. "Comet of the century" HA! Any meteor showers at the moment? Saw more than normal.
  9. Using 20x80 binocs I can JUST see ISON, tiny splodge but it is there.
  10. Clear outside, Moon causing mayhem, only a matter of time before ISON appears, according to Stellarium nice and close to Spica, I am freezing all ready. Camera and 200mm lens ready, ISON, if by some miracle you possess the ability to read this, do not disappoint me.
  11. BBC Weather suggests clear all night, however, Met Office Radar is far from favourable. Fingers crossed ladies and gentlemen.
  12. Great that it brightens up just as the cloud rolls in and covers the UK for the next few days, thank you Earth and thank you ISON for being so very considererate. Fingers crossed for Monday 18th Nov, probably the last chance to see this weather wise, it will not survive the trip around the Sun, too close and too small.
  13. Ha, I should've explained myself better. I know how to get star trails, done it a few times, but when it comes to animating them, as you have, my video's always end up like regular timelapses, I want to create videos like yours but cannot work out how it's done that way.
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