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  1. just a quickie to say cheers steve. thoroughly enjoyed the other night. thanks for the tips n pointers. hope to see you soon. jon
  2. Forecast clear skies tonight :-)
  3. Took a look last night. blumming clouds. Wanna move to Hawaii lol
  4. Didn't get to see Saturn blumming houses at the bottom of the Garden. Might have to stay up later tonight and just be knackered tomorrow.
  5. Got school run in the morning so only got another hour to catch Saturn tonight. Wish I had better gear. My set up is v v basic. Gotta start somewhere though
  6. Top gear was good. Highlight of the night so far has been Venus. Saturn is too low to see yet so back out in a bit.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome. Really looking forward to meeting u guys and learning more.
  8. Still not up yet. Am out too early. Gonna watch top gear then back out
  9. Yippee, clear skies over Worcester park. Lots of stars visible. Getting my 3' reflector out to try and get my first view of Saturn. Will let you know. Jon
  10. hi, am looking for a group to join. been recommended towards you guys. would love to know when you are out observing next so i could pop along for a chat. thanks jon.
  11. hi all. i live in sw london and am looking for a club or society to join, so i can learn more. would appreciate and pointers. thanks
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