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  1. My first deep sky target; the Pleiades. Pentax K-x with M42 Helios 125mm portrait lens @ f2.8 3.0s @ ISO3200 on standard Tripod. It was taken autumn last year and i love the blueness of the central stars, even if they are bizzarely triangular.
  2. Pretty much how mine turned out. Such a cool wee object.
  3. i usually tend not to stack nebula type deep sky objects given that registax unfailingly crashes and deepskystacker leaches every bit of colour out of them never to be seen again (i remember the mess it made of my Orion Nebula frames). Though i did manage to persuade it to keep some colour in my ring nebula shots.
  4. Hi robin, by the time you zoom right into the galaxy it begins to show the slightly soft focus the optics have, even with the fine control and the bahtinov it just never reaches pinsharp focus.
  5. Single shot RAW: Skywatcher 200PDS HEQ5 Pro Synscan. Pentax K-x 120s @ ISO 800
  6. You CCD lot make me want to cry. lol. Thats a cracking image. My own shots of M101 are largely the same shape but very little else.
  7. My most recent effort at M51. SkyWatcher 200PDS Newtonian HEQ5 Pro Synscan Pentax K-x DSLR (12Mp) 10 subs + 2 darks 30s@ISO800 Processed in DeepSkyStacker and Photoshop PS5 Hateful isn't it.
  8. The Konus is just over a year old and the only thing wrong with it was the mount, an EQ1 is just hopeless. Bolting it onto a driven EQ3-2 was best idea ever. It's bright, sharp and contrasty for visual use but when using a barlow or eyepiece projection to get focus for the DSLR (Pentax K-x) it gets too dark to see anything through the viewfinder so focussing the ****** is always more miss than hit. All i could really do was piggyback the DSLR and use my M42 125mm/f2.8 lens for widefield work. If i can get it modified to focus directly with the DSLR sans superfluous glass it may be bright enough to be useful and the lower light gathering power may make life easier for planetary work as the jupiter pics i got from the konus are a lot better than the rubbish i got out of the Skywatcher 200PDS and just how steady is that little scope going to be on an HEQ-5 Pro? i could go out in a hurricane with that.
  9. I'm looking to modify my backup scope, a Konusmotor 130 5'' to achieve focus with DSLR straight onto the focusser which it currently can't do. I have been making do with eyepiece projection and 2xbarlow use to get results but it's not ideal and plan to remove the primary mirror assembly and have the tube shortened prior to putting the mirror back on. Does anyone know how much i'm going to have to take off the tube?
  10. I recently upgraded to the Explorer 200PDS and i needed to take the 2'' to 1.25'' adapter apart and attach my Pentax K-x to the 2'' bit using my Pentax K to T thread adapter in order to achieve proper focus. Makes the whole thing snug and stable and a damn sight easier to focus than having a barlow involved.
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