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  1. Clear(ish) skies last night so i ventured out and got my best shot of jupiter todate! However it only shows a hint of colour. Is this something I need to bring out in post processing, and if so how do I do it? The image was taken with a C8 and a ASI120CM camera. All post processing was done in registax. Capture 09_02_2014 23_15_03.bmp
  2. Hey There, Finally clear(ish) skies last night so tried to take an image Jupiter. Equipment: Celestron C8 Barlow 2.5x Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 30 - 40 sec of avi at 30 fps Not sure why it has come out as black an white though... I guess longer avi and better focusing will help but anymore suggestions are welome!
  3. After a year of struggling to find my round with the 250PX I have given in and pressed the button for a Skywatcher AZ EQ6-GT and necessary rings, etc. It should land on more doorstep tomorrow... I hope the clouds don't come with it!!!
  4. Clear skies tonight and my first chance to get the Dob out since before christmas. Unusually (for the light poluted skies) I could see the 'sword' hanging from orions belt so I took the chance to see the orion nebula for the first time. I didnt really know what to expect but focused on a smudge in the viewer, working down from the 40mm until wow... the 6mm showed a great view and I learnt that there is a quadruple star system in the nebula! I had just assumed I would see a bright dust cloud and have now learnt to research objects before I look for them, though I felt like I had made a discovery, love it!!!
  5. This has got my interest... Which module are you guys doing?
  6. I'm glad the problem seems to be the viewing and not my clumsy fingers doing something wrong... Thanks guys! Guess I am still learning what to expect to see.
  7. I'm using the SW 250px dob. I didn't think to reduce the mag any less than 200, but did see degradation when I increased the mag above this. Maybe next time I should swap my 6mm for the 13mm to see if I can tease out a little more detail on the lower mag. the atmosphere is certainly wet tonight... I have never seen my scope have noticeable moisture on the outside of the tube before... Very cold on the hands!
  8. When Viewing Jupiter at 200* mag I can clearly make out a dark band just above and below the equator. Is there a way I can see more detail and maybe the great red spot? I have a set of filters but am unsure which works best with which planet... any advice from you knowledgable folks???
  9. After posting for advice a few weeks ago about upgrading my 10 inch Dob to a goto I followed the 'heed and caution' and modded my scope with a easy susan, setting circle and wixey. Well tonight is the first time I have had clear skies and with the help of stellarium am very pleased to say i have now seen the Andromeda Galaxy! Woo Hoo! I now understand the term feint fuzzy but love it! Thanks to all those who give valuble advise when i was frustrated. Off to look for other DSO's now =)
  10. Thanks for your encouragement! I'm going to look at modding my dob with a setting circle and wixey first. I guess imaging can wait until I know more about the night skies... Though I like the idea of a smaller go to for planetary images...
  11. Hi, Last year I purchased my first telescope, a SW dob 250p. I loved getting out there and finding planets (with some great views) but was left disappointed as I struggled to find any DSO that this size of aperture may allow me to see. Feeling frustrated I resolved to save for a goto scope and a year later I am now researching for my nexw scope. At the moment I am thinking the celestron advanced series C9.25. I have chosen this scope due to the similar size aperture of my dob and the prospect going in to imaging next year one i save up for a ccd. Does anyone have any experience / recommendations for this scope or similar and any suggestions for a ccd that i could grow in to? Thanks!
  12. Thanks all for you help / advice / encouragement. Hopefully if the skies stay clear I will be out again tonight.
  13. Having had my 10 inch Dob for less than a week I am gripped. Last night I got to see four planets, the moon and M45 (the seven sisters) - WOW. love it! Star hopping to find other M objects is proving a challenge - stellarium is a great help and I have downloaded a compass app that points true north which is good for azimuth settings. Can any one suggest any easy to find DSO?
  14. Cheers for the quick response! need to get a filter now then.... star gazing in daylight!
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