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  1. There's nothing quite like a silver lining.
  2. Hacksaw, use a file to tidy things up. Or sandpaper and a block.
  3. I use the same Ikea straps for moving a skywatcher 300pds newt...which is very heavy.
  4. Wood chips last longer, bark tends to rot/break down quicker. You'll also need an edging of sorts to keep it all in place.
  5. My 300pds stays in a shed all year round. I put a grille front and back near the apex to allow for a little air movement. The shed sits 4 inches off the ground, I've had no problems with creepy crawlies or condensation...yet. The biggest problem I have is the kids like resting their scooters and bikes against it.
  6. I can't see a thing apart from clouds at the moment, but there's a good few hours to go yet. As with most astronomical events I'm forever hopeful of seeing something.
  7. Tidy job. Well planned and very well executed. Now when the clouds decide to play ball you'll be able to enjoy using it, although looking at it must be nice as well.
  8. Put the nail punch into the pillar drill chuck and use it as a press.
  9. I do apologise, perhaps alright me luvver would have been better.
  10. Alright me babber.
  11. Here's what you want. you'll need to run a groove around your base board or cut the tongue off and just glue on.
  12. This sort of thing is great for removing loose dust and bits of fluff.
  13. What a grumpy lot. I for one love fireworks.
  14. With our various space missions we could be seeding our very own solar system with life........and Voyager could be taking care of our galaxy!
  15. I spent many hours fiddling with bearings and lazy susans. What do I have now........back to good old Teflon pads, much less trouble.
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