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  1. it takes about 1 min for a 300mw laser to burst a balloon ....
  2. YES :icon_salut::icon_salut::icon_salut::icon_salut::icon_salut:
  3. monki , i like your philosophy ... spot on
  4. look for a copy of the book ... every photon counts ... astrophotography is a huge subject , its worth a phd at university , i dont think a quick question on a forum will quite cover it
  5. once the shaking stops , look through the ep ?? whats the problem ??
  6. do you remember being about 12 or 13 , and looking through your dads bino`s on holiday , looking at the stars and the moon and thinking wow .... so eventually you get hold of a small refracter , about 3" i think , outside freezing with the wobbly mount looking at saturn and finding your own way about the stars , learning constellations ect , and as you grow older your skills increase slowly and eventually by my mid 20`s i thought about a bigger scope .. so i done my reseach and got hold of 6" reflector , all my years of starhopping and learning proved good as found amazing dso`s with my new s
  7. the F number of your scope is a rough guide to the highset power ep you will be able to practically use .. ie a f8 scope = 8mm ep an f4 scope = 4mm ep any given ep ie 8mm will give different mag in different scopes
  8. dont clean mirrors , ever , unless there is a big piece of stuff stuck to it , dont clean because its dusty , dont clean because it has water marks .... dont clean because it seems like a good idea ... just dont do it , anyone who cleans thier mirrors regularly is damaging the surface/coatings . ps fao tribal im sure the people who make mirrors would go mad if you told them they said it was okay to clean mirrors as long as you dont scrub .... there is some good info on the ziess website , when one of the main mirror makers was asked his opinion on how to clean a mirror or lens (this guy is
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