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  1. can anyone help me with which eyepieces for my 200p? i'm looking for a good 8mm for around £40 to £60 pounds,can anyone help?
  2. when i look at the stars with my old bins a see double,are the bins knackerd,or is it me?
  3. the spot is about 30mm for the edge of the mirror
  4. hi al,l just unpackrd my new 200p and noticed a small black spot about 1mm big on the primary mirror,should i be worried?
  5. hi all,might sound like a silly question but should you get an upside down image for a finderscope and main scope?
  6. great post! im thinking of buying a f/5 scope,would the 3 ep you suggested for f/5 all be plossls?
  7. bonzodave


    hi to everyone,just want to say what a great place already had some great advise.im new to astronomy so im hoping for more golden nuggets of info:hello2:
  8. thank you to everyone who has given feedback,think i will go for the 130p,does anyone know any good sites to buy telescopes?
  9. hi all,im new to astronomy and are thinking of buying a skywatcher explorer 130 but as there a few different models in that range im not sure which one would be best for a beginner,can anyone help?
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