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  1. I've been given a lovely Dobsonian, the balance isn't quite right, I need slightly more weight at the back, how do I alter the weight? Also, I need advice in collimating it, without a collimator, is there any other way to get it all sorted? Thanks in advance.
  2. Many thanks to all for your assistance in helping. A friend came round and he had a look at it too. We tried everything you all mentioned above, it is now working, just not sure WHAT one of the above did the trick,but again, huge thanks for all the advice. Sent from my ME173X using Tapatalk
  3. Update is, I think there is a bigger issue. I took off the cover, set scope on tracking and everything seems to be turning fine, yet still not tracking, I think it's beyond my skills and looks like I may need to invest in getting it repaired Sent from my ME173X using Tapatalk
  4. Yes, Target drifted out of sight. I have just done a handset reset and im running Version 3.8 as of now. I have set up and input all details, now just to wait a bit and hope that this has fixed the issue.
  5. Tried as you suggested lastnight and got no response, i am at a total loss on it. Perhaps a refresh of the handset program may be required too?
  6. The mount does slew when i press the keys, Normal star alignment was fine, but once trained on the Moon, and set to track Lunar rate, nothing happened at all. I tried Solar and Sidereal and still nothing.
  7. apologies, it is a AZ Goto, Purchased with a skywatcher 130p (Az Goto) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/az-goto/skywatcher-explorer-130p-synscan-az-goto.html
  8. Last night I noticed my goto has stopped tracking. A factory reset has not made any difference, should I strip the goto down or seek professional help on it? I've never stripped it down, but willing to give it a go if I can fix it myself. Any advice or tips appreciated.
  9. I guess i will be there, lol. Thanks for posting the info Tim. See you Saturday.
  10. Thanks for all the kind welcomes.
  11. Consider it done! i'm going to write and see if i can meet and show these people the issue.
  12. Consider it done! i'm going to write and see if i can meet and show these people the issue.
  13. Thanks All, Tim, Im on the case with Parcel force, letter is being written to the head CEO and as for council, District council say NO changes will be made in the village. But i'm not giving up! :-(
  14. Ive been keen on Astronomy for many years, but ive only recently, within 2-3 years started taking it more serious. I now have a Skywatcher 130p AZ Goto at present, I use a NIkon D3000 DSLR which to start off with was great, But the more i do, the more i realise im in deseprate need of A Live View. So its save like mad and wait. I co founded a small group on Facebook, we have not had regular meets yet, but have had some great times together, a Small StarParty last September, a solar viewing event which we have been asked to do again this year and in January, we did the Stargazing live event, in which over 100 members of the public attended. I class myself as a beginner and im still learning much about my Telescope and within the next year, i aim to of imaged a nebula.
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