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  1. Just had my scope out for a quick session got Saturn, Mars and the moon. Managed to get Saturn barlowed with my 10mm for the first time clouds rolled in the other day before I could manage it. Got a quick pic of the moon through my phone [ATTACH]88567[/ATTA[ATTACH]88567[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]88568[/ATTACH]CH] which aren't too bad considering ha. Loved Saturn tonight brilliant viewing. Can't wait to get ny bigger scope in a few weeks.
  2. It's the scope I bought for my 5 year old son to get into star gazing and wee having loads of fun ( sky's permitting ) was meant to get 130p but they had none in stock and my son didn't want to wait another 2-3 weeks why one came into stock. Greater starter scope for looking at the moon Venus mars and Jupiter and its moons can easily see the bands on on Jupiter with the supplied EP's investing in either a dob or get 130p syn scan next. In couple weeks. Or I might just get a syn scan mount for this scope and a dob for my self then upgrade 706 to 130 at a later date .
  3. Been awful weather all day here in sunderland and sky's are starting to clear
  4. Gimme a shout if you decide to go gazing I would love to pop along
  5. Hi Gary I'm from just down the road from you ( boldon colliery) welcome to sgl
  6. Was going to order a 200p aswell next week :/
  7. yea managed that no problem then realised i dont have a screw driver small enough to take the Board of from the back casing
  8. Was just about to start when something came up will do it later ha .
  9. Got my Xbox live Cam (6quid brand new Grainger Games) and got my Pipe ( 2m of it! 1.89 so plenty of it spare ha) and got glue kicking about going to have a go modding it now will post pics on how i get on ha
  10. think all go out tomorrow and give it ago.
  11. Managed to get another quick look at Jupiter & Venus tonight skies were perfectly Clear shame i couldnt stay out longer but had to get to bed gotta be up early Got to See Jupiter with 4 of its moons this time (not just the 3 like last time ) Got a few pics through my EP with my Iphone not the best But you can see Jupiter and 3 of its moons when you zoom in. Not the best cant see any detail or anything, but decent considering it's it through an Iphone Thinking of buying a Webcam to attach to my Telescope any Idea's ?
  12. Well it got too cold to stay out any longer and i'm tired so i'm packed away for the night. Got to see Mars, Venus, Jupiter and 3 of its moon's so i'm Happy.
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