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  1. @sanmatt. No I've got starwalk on my iPhone. Would stellarium give me the info on orbits that I spoke about on an earlier post?
  2. In terms of where earth is in its orbit compared to Venus mars Jupiter and Saturn. Which are relatively close to us in their orbits at the moment? I assum mars is quite far away from its best position. Also I've seen saturn before through a scope and can remember it being larger in the fov. This was a long time ago so I could be over exaggerating the memory (if that makes sense). Lol
  3. Hi everyone, Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a look at either Jupiter or Venus tonight, as by the time the clouds cleared they were too low on the horizon and in cloud cover. On the plus side I got to see mars at x100 still was very small but just big enough to be 99% it was mars. I could see no clear features but it looked disc like with a redish glow to it! Would that seem about right? Then what i thought was Saturn began to rise so I tracked it! Then as it rose I could start to make out the rings . Even though it was still relatively low on the horizon. Then the clouds set in and I coul
  4. Well that makes sense, it's obvious now you've said it! Thanks for the info on the companion star also. If clear I will try it tonight. Plan of action is: Align my my finder scope with using the moon or a distant object on earth if possible. Find Polaris and refine the alignment further. Using the advice above. Then find Jupiter and cross fingers! Cheers
  5. @amit. I used the x50 10mm eyepiece augmented with a x2 Barlow lens. I think that gives x100. Would someone please clarify for me that is the case, as I got that from a website. @hemihaggis. That's a great idea, will defo try at the weekend as I fear it will be too dark to try by the time I'm back from work. Hopefully I might succeed without doing it tonight. @saleratus. How would I know that I have definately got Polaris in my eyepiece? It could just be the same problem I am having with the planets. Thanks again ppl
  6. This website is fantastic, didn't expect so many replies so soon! I wasn't using the computer system on the scope as I want to align it usin the planets! So that I know what I'm viewing is correct. I already have starwalk on my iPhone which has been very useful so far. Yes, apart from Jupiter I could see no other 'stars' near Venus so I was convinced I was looking at the correct object. Looks like I may have been wrong! Lol. I will try again tonight by using the moon to align my finder scope and this time I will try Jupiter. I will try all the advice given to me, ie low magnification etc.. I
  7. Thanks for all of your replies. I was trying to view Venus. That's the first thing I thought (I was viewing a star). When Looking at the moon I aligned the finder scope with viewing one. I'm 99.9% certain I was looking at Venus! Is there any other reason why this would happen? With the telescope that I have got would I be able to see stars that aren't visible with the naked eye? That may have lead my to think I was looking at Venus. It was pretty solitary in the sky last night.
  8. Hi, thanks for you reply. I have observed Jupiter, Saturn and Venus before through a scope. So I'm not a complete bigger in terms of knowing what sort of size things should appear. The dot I'm getting is just a pinpoint of light (same as a star through normal vision) no matter how slow I focus it, it slowly gets bigger and the centre fills out as black with spokes coming out of it. Tonight I tried Venus.
  9. Hi my name is Dan and I'm new to astronomy. I have recently purchased a Skywatcher skyhawk 1145p synscan telescope and am having problems viewing planets. Please could someone help! I have seen the moon clearly through the scope at x100 magnification, but as soon as I try and locate a planet all I see is a small bright dot. When I change the focus the dot gets larger but goes black in the centre and has (I think) three lines coming out of the centre. It looks to me like the inside of the telescope. What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this? Ps I have tried looking at the planet through x20 x
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