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  1. Thanks mate. Looking closely at it I had the iso too high and the wind has blown my tripod a bit (must get a stronger one) I've got a shutter release control as well so hopefully they will improve! Ha he says! Sent from my LT30p using Tapatalk
  2. Good morning everyone! Went up winter hill last night with my girlfriends Dad to have a look, never been up there before. We took a few pieces of kit and i started some star trails I don't about 35 subs at 30 seconds each with iso at about 100. It was windy and I dont have the strongest tripod (must invest in a better one) Here the picture I managed to get. The pictures were taken in about 20-30 minutes time frame. You can see where the wind has caught it, but it just doean't look right? If you know what I mean? Let me know what you think. Thanks, Tom Sent from my LT30p using Tapatalk
  3. Good morning everyone. I had a quick half an hour last night after finishing work before the clouds came in. I tried attempting some star trails but could only use 10 second subs at the most, otherwise the pictures were just red with LP. I also haven't got a cable shutter release so I had to set the self timer for 2 seconds and press the shutter as soon as it opened hah! I've attached an image, completely unedited. Let me know what you think, it isn't the best. Thanks, Tom!
  4. Hello everyone. Just a quick update. I was looking in the wrong place! Hah my Long Ex NR setting was on!!! It was in the main menu I'd just over looked it. Thank you so much for all your help! Tom
  5. I've checked my Ido settings and just for a test I left it on 100, turned image stabilising off and had it on complete manual, still doing it. Hmmmm ill have yo have a good mess around! Thank you for all your help. Tom.
  6. Hello davefrance. Thank you for your reply. I'll have you have a look. It's got a n image stabilising mode but I did turn that off. I'll give your idea a go. Thank you for your reply and help. Tom.
  7. Hello. How are you all? I've just tried imaging some star trails. I've had a good read around the intent and especially this site with regards to setting etc. I went out earlier for about 20 mind or d just experimenting. What I did find out though is the camera (Sony a200) took about 5-10 seconds to process the picture. I had my camera on JPEG just for experimental purposes. The shutter speed was at 30 seconds and I tried to capture as soon as possible but because the camera took ages to process I had a few gaps in between the images. How do you all get around the image process and are able to take photos one after the other? I've tried in bulb mode, it takes just as long but with a very quick shutter speed it's almost instant. I'm sorry too sound silly! Hah thanks for your help. Tom.
  8. Excellent stuff. Thank you for your help! Sent from my LT30p using Xparent Skyblue Tapatalk 2
  9. Ah that's no good. Thins for the help! Tom.
  10. Brilliant picture!always amazes me this. You've got a excellent picture like that from your place in Somerset! It's just mind boggling that an image can be captured from someone's back garden/yard. Amazing!
  11. I haven't seen Saturn yet. Anyone know when it's going to be viewable at a decent degree above the horizon? Jupiter though.. Wow!!! Always looks brilliant. 23rd November was when I seen my first transit, it was Ganymede with the GRS just below it, that was amazing!
  12. Hello! Good choice with the scope a lot of people on here recommend it!! The 10mm and 25mm EP that come with the scope are pretty good for kit EPs. Of corse, if you can afford it buy some extra to give you a wider range of viewing. A for the levelling problem, I can't remember who but someone on here mounted it onto a plant pot base to raise the s else so it isn't at such a low angle. I use mine in our back yard and that's not on the most level of levels but it copes ok on it's own. The viewfinder is a bit of a pain but you can buy the right angled viewfinders and I'm sure that'd increase the userability (if that's a word) of the scope. I very much doubt the telrad would affect the balance of the scope as the handle car closest to the ep Can tighten the scope so it stays in a certain position. It's a good scope o. I've had mine since September last year and I've seen brilliant things with it. Highly recommended! I hope this answers some of your questions and has been of some use. Good luck with your choice. Tom.
  13. Hello everyone! How are you all? I've recenfly obtained a planisphere which was kindly given to me by my girlfriends Dad!! Haven't used it properly yet but how do you hold yours? I've tried using it as an example but it doesn't seem to line up with what I see unless I turn it upside down but west is east! Haha How do you use and hold yours? Thank you for your help! Tom. Sent from my LT30p using Xparent Skyblue Tapatalk 2
  14. Sorry to sound daft here. What is a meteor station? I got the impression that you can track moving objects with it? I apologise for my ignorance. Tom.
  15. Definitely worth getting hypothermia for! Hah really is good picture. I'm yet too see Saturn! Who knows what the next few weeks hold!! Again, good picture and well done for persevering! Tom.
  16. Brilliant picture! Love the shadow around the back! What time was you out?
  17. Would be brilliant if Brian May carries it on. Think he's brilliant! Sent from my LT30p using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2
  18. Good morning everyone! Long time no type! Last time I had the scope out was the beginning of January! My nan had been pestering me to let her have a kook through the 200p beast. The weather hadn't been the best and this particular day was no exception. Cloudy, misty, foggy and damp. To cut a story short, at about 20:00 it completely went clear so I let the 200p cool and got ready. 30 minutes later focussed on Jupiter and let my nan help herself to it. "oh my god. That's amazing. Oh my god" They were her words. She's been in to astronomy (reading and watching programmes) for years. She was absolutely amazed at Jupiter. Pointed at Pleiades and she couldn't believe the amount of stars that became visible. Also pointed at Andromeda galaxy. She wasn't really impressed with that one. Her words were "ah. Put me back at Jupiter!" she couldn't believe the detail, patterns and just the sight of Jupiter before her eyes. She was a very happy woman and even spoke of it a week after! Good to see the nan happy and amazed. Hope you've all had clear and better skies than of later! Thanks for reading. Tom. Sent from my LT30p using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2
  19. 2x Barlow* sorry Sent from my LT30p using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2
  20. Just watching it atm! Enjoying it but Brian May is on it so that could be why! Haha! Thought Daras comment about K9 and the 1970's was hilarious! Tom. Sent from my LT30p using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2
  21. I forgot to mention. Magnification on Jupiter was 125x. Tried for 250x with 8mm and 2Charlie but just a blurry. Thanks everyone. Tom. Sent from my LT30p using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2
  22. Actually had the scope out last night for about and hour or 2! Can you believe it? Hah Concentrated mostly on Jupiter. Never get tired of looking at that beast. Although the "boring" side was facing, I'm always amazed at the detail available to see. Bands, texture of bands, colour and those moments when Jupiter just pops right out at you! Amazing stuff. I used the 1.25" moon filter to dull out some of the high end brightness and I'm sure you could almost see the background colour too! 4 moons were spread across! Lovely sight. Had a look at M42 but scope needs collimating and it was just out of focus and not as sharp as I remember seeing it first time round. Looked at Hyades too through the viewfinder. Brilliant cluster! Enjoyed looking at that. Tried for M1 over near the tip of Taurus' lower horn but failed miserably! Hah. Well worth the wait!! Thanks for reading. Tom Sent from my LT30p using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2
  23. Love to see beehive cluster! Today seems a write off! Maybe tomorrow.. Sent from my LT30p using Xparent ICS Tapatalk 2
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