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  1. Hi I have the same telescope and went thru the same issues you are facing. Basically i bought a 7mm celestron x-cel ep and a skywatcher panaview 32mm. I cant recommend them highly enough. They are not top of the range but they are also not the bottom I use the ep provided with the 200p and am working my through the messier list. I know those two ep are out of your bracket at the moment but we all have to compromise on something. I hope you have fun with the 200p I certainly do
  2. Hi i am looking to buy a 2" ep. I would like a 32mm skywatcher panaview but it is not in stock- surprise surprise. As an alternative I was looking at the revelation 30mm 2" ep? Is this ep any good? btw I have a sw200p dobby. many thanks
  3. Hi thanks for the reply With the 32mm do i need to counterbalance the ep on the dobby? many thanks
  4. Hi I have been looking for a 2" eyepiece for my sw200p dobby. Providing it comes into stock I have decided on the 32 or 38mm ep, which one should I choose? many thanks
  5. Hi looking to buy a wide angle lens for a sw 200p fl 1200mm f6 I wanted to get the "immersed in space feel" so am looking at 2" eps I sort of settled on a 31 /32mm ep but wonder if should look at something else Any recommendations? many thanks
  6. Hi I saw something similar but could only make out 2 moons? I looked at stellarium and that did not help so Im not sure. thanks
  7. Hi thanks for the reply I know what you mean about waiting. I am also looking at the baeder 32mm but it is priced at £135 - more than i wanted to pay - assuming it is in stock I have read the meade reviews online and they all seem positive and the fact that you can get it is always a plus. Hope it arrives soon and the skies are clearer many thanks
  8. Hi did you receive the meade 32mm ep? was it any good? thanks
  9. Hi Best thing i can suggest is to search the forums - there is a load of advice. Also go to you tube and look at the videos on your telescope. That should get you started and then go out and use your new toy. Start with the moon - even i can find that! you got a great piece of kit happy viewing
  10. Hi I have a sw 200p dobsonian fl 1200mm? I spoke to Stockport bino but they do not have the 32mm? any other ideas? many thanks
  11. Hi I am a newcomer to Astronomy I have bough ta sw 200p dobby. However to help in finding objects I wanted to use setting circles. I have read the thread by mike -h which was very useful but i have one question. Once I have identified the object with coordinates from stellarium how do i align the telescope . Do I just find the object and move the telescope to the setting circle coordinate? Any help appreciated many thanks
  12. Hi I think i understand what to do But how do you align your telescope to start? Do you find say Saturn , then place the telescope in the 251deg position? thanks
  13. Hi I agree. This shortage is a complete pain. I spoke to a couple of retailers and they have people on their waiting lists already so when stock comes in , it has already been assigned. Loolks like a case of if you see it buy it yours hacked off
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