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  1. A short time lapse shot last night posted on YouTube (Best viewed in HD): Time Lapse of Venus in conjunction with Moon, includes Jupiter and Orion - YouTube 151 images (2s each) combined into 5 second time lapse. Shot w/Nikon V1 ISO 800. First try at time lapse photography.
  2. I have one for a few months now and it already gave me more views during that period than my other scope stuff. Views are well, quite impressive, the top photo (ok, a stack of photos) on the following site shows slightly what you can expect to see (mind you, depending on conditions): Astro Paul The PST is rather sensitive to sky conditions, so if there's the slightest bit of haze in the sky, your views will be less impressive. Safety? If you follow the standard precaution warnings and treat your equipment with care, there is no reason to be afraid. Oh, a big advantage of this PST is you can take it literally everywhere. Grab it, take it to your kid's (or friend's kid) school, pop it on a tripod and have a blast with them going "oooh" and "aaah"!
  3. Nope, same here. No review via google. I will do one once I have the opportunity. Waiting for my diagonal, which WO forgot to ship with the scope. --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?nvml10
  4. Dutch scene, windmill with both planets: Of course, I had to be in the picture too: And a wide-field with Orion, Pleiades joining in too: (click on the last one for larger version)
  5. Nice shots! Which focal length and aperture? @alex1978 - yeah, that's the general idea, a longer exposure time
  6. true, I think it's also because they usually just "dump" a pdf version of their magazine in an iPad app. It would be nicer if they would also optimise their layout and features. But that will cost extra $$. Still, I'm currently switching all my "analog" subscriptions to digital where possible. Only need to take my iPad to the bog instead of a stack of magazines
  7. For those owning an iPad (not sure about the Android tablets), SaN is available in Zinio as digital magazine. The US "Astronomy" as well. I don't know about Astronomy Now, looks like they are still stuck in the paper age.
  8. I have the TS for use w/my PST. It's pretty ok for solar viewing, not very good for anything else, in my opinion. Didn't try it with astrophotography, only visually.
  9. I received mine today (not from FLO, directly from WO - I didn't know about FLO until I found this forum). I must say, telescope looks and feels excellent. But it came with a lot of clouds, so testing will have to wait, unfortunately...
  10. The Skywatcher Heritage 76 is available under a number of brands. Celestron names it "FirstScope" and I think Bresser has the same under a different name as well. My son has the FirstScope. It did not come with a finder, but I put a reddot finder on it, although it is not very hard to aim the telescope on bright objects. He loves it. It won't take high magnifications though, I think the mirror is not parabolic on these, but only spherical. Might be wrong though. For starting into the hobby, great scope, and dad can have fun with it too as a grab&go for holiday trips.
  11. Nice write-up, thanks! Looks like a winner. I only hope my (still in transit) WO 70mm ED gives similar results :-)
  12. Here is the link to the appstore. It was "Stellarium XL", not HD, my bad. But as stated, it's not that great. The other mentioned apps are a lot better.
  13. Actually, there is. Stellarium HD is for iPad (and Stellarium for iPhone). But I don't think it's a very nice implementation, I prefer Pocket Universe (HD) by Craic Design. Excellent app.
  14. Wait .. Go "back"? We never left: :-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  15. You might want to check out Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Worldwide Free Shipping - DealExtreme - it's my favorite site for gadgetry of all sorts :-) They have a *lot* of lasers in all colors and their pricing includes shipping. (which can take some time though). It's not all super duper quality, but I never had any issues with anything ordered so far (except LED bulbs!). Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated to the above site, just someone who bought a lot of stuff there (ask my wife, she'll confirm... )
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