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  1. I've got tv plossls and bgo's. Honestly it's hard to pick between them as they're both excellent. The only difference in terms of viewing quality is the tv's have a slightly darker background. Danny.
  2. +1 for the BGO's. The 7mm I use most on planets and the moon.
  3. I'm having one of those days as well. Made a coffee earlier and put the sugar in the fridge. A nice clear night in the garden should help. To the op an eyepiece worth looking at in that price range is the Hyperion Aspheric 31mm. Or a televue 32mm plossl.
  4. I still can't decide. Whats the weight difference between the 31 nagler and the 21 ethos?
  5. I'm considering the same, with the discount at the moment its a pretty good price. Or grab a few naglers. Decisions decisions.
  6. What about a Hyperion zoom with a televue plossl 32mm? That should cover most things, plus the zoom will let you know what focal length eyepieces you might want in the future.
  7. A couple of my x-cel lx's came from a guy on eBay. He was originally doing them for £49 with free post and the service was great. A couple of weeks later they went up to £59. Still a great price.
  8. Yeah it was the same here, no clouds around all night but you could only see a handfull of naked eye stars. Tonight might be looking good though.
  9. I have the X-cel LX range apart from the 2.3mm. The 5 and 7mm eyepieces work great on planets. The edges aren't to bad to be honest because you ususlly look in the centre on planets. The only thing I noticed with the 5mm is that I have a little trouble keeping my eye in the right spot, but the 7mm is a great eyepiece.
  10. unfortunately not mate. It would be nice if they did. The foam cases from maplins is more than big enough for the set.
  11. I just use the skywatcher one and it works pretty good. The battery lasts a good length of time too.
  12. This is a hard choice. I use both and like them just as much. If I had to pick one planetary eyepiece in those 2 flavours I'd say the 7mm bgo is my favourite. Either of them would be money well spent.
  13. sounds like a good ethos 13mm moment approaching. Absolute heaven.
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