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  1. Cloudy in South Manchester to, No suprise ther then. Steve
  2. From the Russians this time Follow the link to the FTP site and have a root about. Enjoy http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/05/24/electro_l_121_megapixel_earth_photo/ Steve
  3. Not sure if it been posted before. Enjoy http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/videogallery/index.html?media_id=141042671 Steve
  4. Could be a shadow but i think what ever it was would need to be close to the surface otherwise the shadow would be very faint. I first thought it was something passing in front. But you've now got me thinking. Steve
  5. Final managed to not only prise the laptop off the kids and have some quite time of my own. Started to browse though vids I took of the moon on the 26th last month and spotted something travling from top centre down towards the left. I'm guessing it's a satilite. moon.zip I know where the moon was and where I was and the time 9:21. Is there a way to find out is it was a sat in if so which one. Check the ISS site and it wasn't visable that day. Steve
  6. Quick sample M45 took a good series to have a go at processing Well chuffed apart from the light pollution. Steve
  7. Looks like all those years of being bounced around have taken there toll. Pulled it apart and found a loose screw floating round the insides. Couldn't find a home for it but the cameras now working again. Not all good news as I damage one of the ribbon cables and the main LCD is blacked out, But as I can set most of the settings via the EOS utilty is not so bad. Just need to find one for spares on fleabay and it will be fully functioning again. Steve
  8. Yep tring to image the moon, Took a few frames to start with using just the camera. But need to learn and practice how to use all my new kit and software. Cheers Steve
  9. Well Nearly a month after getting my new scope, Clear night (well for South Manchester ), No other jobs to do so all set for a good night observing. Set the scope up alinged as best i could without being able to see polaris (kitchen wall in the way) had a quick shuffty at the moon. Photo time so attached my 350d fired up nebulosity and started to focus. 30 seconds in the camera froze with busy on the top screen, Waited 5 mins no change. Turned off and on screen stayed the same disconected data cable turned off and on again the same. Took the battery out to reboot and now it's completely dead. Tried the various compinations of batteries out and back in with no success. The camera best part of 7 years old being dragged all over europe and the USA in a Rugsack 20,000 + mile in my motor bike panniers taken many tumbles whilst sking then goes and dies in my back yard securely attached to something solid the safest it's ever been. On the bright side time for a new camera prob a 550d (Guide scope budget gone) and I spent a plesent evening browsring the sky even managed to make out some stripes in Jupiter.
  10. SPG

    Newby says hello

    Thanks you all for the warm welcome. Yes I am setting myself up for Astrophotography and would jsut like to add how brillient this site has been in the last couple of day's. I've been look for a diy shutter control solution an there a realy useful thread on it. Looking for some storage boxes to lug the kit around and thread on that too. Cheers Steve
  11. SPG

    Newby says hello

    Hi to you all. Quick hello and history so far. I recieved a Aldi scope for christmas 3 years ago, And have managed to get some half decent photos of the moon as well as having fun with general viewing and learning to set up a EQ mount. Anyways last Friday started to view Venus and Jupiter with it and decided it was time for a bit (lot) of an upgrade. I live round the corner from Opticstar in south Manchester so nipped in to have a quick look round (think kid in sweet shop) and now i'm the proud owner of a Skywatcher 200dps newtonian. Spent most of the weekend getting the computer to work with the mount and my canon 350d. Now sat here with hail rattling the windows :-(. Bring on the clear skys I'm ready to roll er I think. Steve
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