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  1. do u have the specs and plans for your wooden mount ?

    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley

      HAL9000 hasn't logged on since April 2014, so it might be better to start a new thread in the mounts or diy astronomy sections asking others for info/plans

  2. Thanks for the comments! Michael I reckon your image could definitely have more detail hiding in it, it looks similar to mine before I attacked them with the wavelets!
  3. Hope you don't mind but I just did the RGB align on your image (more just to test my theory of it helping) and this is the result!
  4. Using registax 6, I click on RGB align, expand the box so it includes the whole planet plus a bit of 'dark' around the edges, click estimate & let it run, then click 'do all' at the top. Seems to work quite well for me doing it this way.
  5. Nice detail there! Have you tried an RGB align in registax? I'm also new to Mars imaging but this made a big difference to the images I captured last night, got rid of the blue & red fringing.
  6. This is interesting, I had exactly the same problem last night with my ASI120MC trying to image Mars! My version 2.2 was crashing a few seconds into the live view loading up, but it was fine last time I used it for Jupiter a few weeks ago. Luckily managed to get Sharpcap working instead. Time to download Firecapture 2.3 then!
  7. Thanks oldpink, yeah I think a 3x Barlow may be on order very soon - I wasn't sure how far you could push the magnification before the image gets too 'dark' to be usable without negatively affecting exposure time & frame rate. The 180 mak is f15, so a 3x barlow would make it f45 (that's my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong!) which sounds quite high to me! What do people get away with for Mars?
  8. Really nice detail in those images, what Barlow are you using? Looks like I missed out on some good Jupiter time last night, got too carried away with Mars!
  9. Couldn't resist the clear skies here last night, here are a few Mars edits - very pleased with the results having never imaged Mars before! Equipment: SW 180pro Mak, 2x Barlow (would a 2.5x or 3x be worth getting, or would that be pushing the scope too far?), ASI120MC. Processing: AS!2 (4000-5000 frames for these images), Registax 6 for wavelets, Photoshop elements for final levels The first 3 have been enlarged to 150%, the last one is original size to show what I'm getting directly from the camera & 2x barlow. The above image at 'original' size:
  10. Should have thought about it more when I read the info - 50 frames over 2.5hrs = 1 every 3 mins!
  11. Wow, very impressive! How long did that take to process?! Also out of interest what is the time interval between each frame?
  12. Thanks for the tip - I use Stellarium with EQmod to control my mount, with Sky Safari pro on the iPhone which is good when I don't want to touch the laptop whilst imaging! How do you get the forecasts in Stellarium?
  13. Thanks, will try this method next time. The only reason I haven't used the mask yet is because I'm sure I read a thread somewhere (not sure if it was this forum) where people were saying "star" focus wouldn't give 100% accurate "planet" focus. If this is nonsense then I'm pleased to hear it, because it should make life much easier next time I'm out!
  14. Nice image - that's definitely Callisto, I've posted my version from about the same time & have checked it against Sky Safari.
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