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  1. Yea I've noticed the same problem with my scope. I try to keep the caps on as much as I can yet the corrector plate is quite dirty. I keep my scope in a spare room in the house away from a radiator so that it doesn't get too much heat. Any reason for these smudges or could it just be any number of things?
  2. Fantastic looking piece of kit you got there. Best of luck with it!
  3. Must say the australian outback is highly impressive. Was way up in western australia in the middle of the outback and i've never seen so many stars. Orion looks funny in the southern hemisphere. Wish I had my telescope or binoculars with me but it was a great sight with just my 2 eyes
  4. This is a fantastic book which any novice should buy with their first telescope. It's helped me out no end and I take it with me every time I go out observing. Must have a look at the new edition when I'm in the bookstore next
  5. Was thinking of buying the 450D its for sale second hand at €320. I've a cpc 800 and haven't any experience on astrophotography. Without a wedge am I going to frustrate the life out of myself?? I realise it would be perfect for solar system photography but I'd love to photograph messier objects ideally so would I be able to capture sharp images of them
  6. What about a cgem 1400. Be heavy but prob the only scope available at the minute that would be such a major step up from the gear you have. I've a cpc 800 myself and I've looked through a cpc 1100 and it's a big step up IMO
  7. I went from a 4" reflector to an 8" schmidt cassegrain and the difference is fantastic. Best thing I ever did. I was a bit hesitant but after viewing through a mates scope I had to invest. Move up, you wont regret it
  8. Great post! I've a c8 f10 with a set of omni plossl eyepieces. Get great views more off the lower power eyepieces like the 32mm and the 40mm than the 6mm which is the highest power one I have. I have a 13mm eyepiece I use quite often. Anyone got any advice which one to use to get the best views of venus and mars with? Been struggling to get sharp views of them. Venus seems to have a colour spectrum around its edge dunno is that a problem with my equipment or what and I can never get decent views of mars just a red spot no matter how much I focus. Frustrating!
  9. Cheers for the advice. I might buy it in the next few weeks just to get my feet wet in astrophotography and see how I get on
  10. I was looking to buy this piece of kit. Just wondering if anyone has used it on a regular basis and what type of results did you get? The scope I would be using with it is a cpc 800 schmidt cassegrain
  11. M42 is a fantastic object to look at. One of the first I looked at was M45 aswell but I def couldnt recommend M3 and M36 and M37 in auriga
  12. Great website. Already blown away with the amount of information here!
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