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  1. Once I have entered the time in 24hr format and pressed enter the system then asks me to input Std time or DST. Is GMT the same as Standard time. IE we are Std time Oct - Mar and DST Mar - Oct.
  2. Yes it was Solar align. I'm not sure what you mean by polar align. Do you mean Long and Lat co-ords? If so I have got those correct. Checked on two sites and accurate to within 10m. Must admit I have not tried 2 / 3 Star align yet. Just trying to get used to working with the kit. Baby steps. Will try tomorrow weather permitting. Thanks
  3. Co-ords are very close to what you say. Closer to 41 min W
  4. Hows this for a thought.. Are we Std time or DST in the UK?
  5. I have just bought a SLT 102 and am having trouble with the Align / Slew to selected object feature. I have followed the instructions very carefully but once aligned the scope slews to object and stops in the completely incorrect position. Worst case scenario tonight at about 7.30pm - I aligned scope with Venus selected slew to Mars and the scope moved from SW to E in the direction of Mars (OK) then slew down to look at the ground and stopped? There have been other incidents where it just doesnt seem to know where the object is and ends up pointing in the wrong place missing by quite a wide margin. Truth is probably operator error. Have you any ideas what I could be doing wrong that is common to a complete newbie. Appreciate any insight at this stage. Thanks N
  6. Thank you for all your feedback. Unfortunately I just ordered one on e-bay - £65 delivered. Nice spec I think. http://www.celestron.com/astronomy/accessories/celestron-zoom-eyepiece-1-24-in-8-24mm.html Also got a 2x barlow lense for same price. http://www.celestron.com/astronomy/celestron-x-cel-2x-barlow-lens-1-25.html The other half has just done her nut! But I'm happy.
  7. Thanks Space Beagle. I only read / see positive things about this zoom. There must be something in it.
  8. Thanks for the reply Green with envy this side. Let me know how it is. Hope you have clear skies tonight. Rgds N
  9. Hi Does anyone have any experience with the - Celestron (93230) 8 to 24mm (1.25) Zoom Eyepiece Positive or negative i would like to hear. Tx Rgds N
  10. Hi Demonperformer Your 2p I’m sure is worth a lot more. If I understand correctly my scope arrangement is not "perfect" for either planetary or deep sky observation with an f/r of 6.5. Kind of a one size fits all arrangement. My thinking is that the zoom would give me the equivalent of 17 EP’s for about £80 versus only being able to buy 3-4 separate EP’s for the same money. My understanding is that most observing is done between 80 – 140 magnification. So with a 3x Barlow and the zoom, I would get 11 different magnifications between 83 - 141 and an additional 6 magnifications up to the limit of 240x. In addition I would also get 17 different magnifications between 28 and 83 using the zoom as a standalone. This equates to 33 different magnifications from 28 – 248 for about £170. I would like to focus on planetary observation and some of the brighter objects simply because where I am there is a vast amount of light pollution making deep sky observation quite difficult. The zoom has been on the market for quite some time however the barlow is only due to be released this month. Does this address the why and what or am I off the mark?
  11. Hi all As an enthusiastic but passive astronomer for the past 40 years I have finally stepped out and bought a scope. I have got a Celestron Nexstar SLT 102 refractor. Fl - 660 F/r - 6.5 Highest useful magnification is 240x The EP's that came with the scope are 25mm (mag 26x) and 9mm (mag 73x). Obviously this just won't do. Does anyone have any opinions on me purchasing the following:- - Celestron (93230) 8 to 24mm (1.25) Zoom Eyepiece - Celestron (93428) X-Cel LX 3x Barlow Lens (1.25) If my research is correct using these two bits of kit I would get a comprehensive range of magnification without compromising on the field of view. Any alternatives or suggestions would be welcome. Rgds N
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