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  1. This is what I've managed to salvage.
  2. 1. Andromeda was in view, I check by increasing ISO to 6400 and 20 odd second exposure. 2. I live about 18 miles northeast of Cambridge, I was just being a little generic with personal data. Thanks for the advice about the mirror - how easy are they to adjust, or is it a DIY job?! I will have another go at editing in Lightroom when I get home and will post the results.
  3. A couple of nights ago I thought I'd take more exposures than I have ever taken before - not much in terms of what others here do, but I'm learning. My target was Andromeda, and I was only using a Alt Az tripod, a Canon 1100D with a 300mm lens that seemed to cope reasonably well with Orion last winter. I was shooting at 1600 ISO, 2 second exposures of which I ended up with 400 lights and about 20 darks. It took all night to stack them in DSS, but the result was pretty disappointing with no visible clouds nor the other nearby galaxy smudge. I know I'm not going to get amazing results, but any advice would be welcome. I have an Astromaster 130eq with motor drive but I haven't been able to focus with it yet.
  4. Thanks, it was taken using a modified SPC900, two and a half minutes of video (15fps) captured in sharcap to avoid blurring (as much as possible), and processed in registax.
  5. Possibly my best Jupiter yet tonight, seeing seemed good.
  6. Thanks, I look forward to seeing what your bigger scope can do! I have scope envy
  7. Keep at it, I like you have modest kit with my astromaster 130eq, and depending on the seeing, and a piece of luck, you can often get very pleasing images from that scope:
  8. I would suggest using a webcam. It's possible to get half decent if perhaps a little small results. The below were taken with a celestron astromaster 130 so you should, with a webcam be able to get images like these on good clear nights. Note saturn was taken last April and Jupiter the year before, but Mars was on 15 April this year.
  9. Here is a reprocessed version. It appears that at the 9 o'clock position (which I believe is Mars' north pole) you can see some white ice. I have scope envy though! The other images on here are amazing! Mars 15_04_2014 22_19_58.bmp
  10. Just to clarify, this was through a Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ with a 2x barlow and SPC900 set at 10FPS 9 for exposure using Sharpcap, Bahtinov mask for focusing and registax for processing the 5000 frames. Although my App told me seeing would be fair, I found seeing to be pretty excellent! Fortunately Mars was far enough away from a street lamp and the moon to get some decent colour out of, with such a small scope. I'm amazed that I can see any detail at all let alone the detail I saw tonight!
  11. No where near as great as the other images of Mars that I've seen from scopes with better tripods and larger aperture, but here is my insignificant contribution to Mars! and also my best three so far with this scope using a 2x barlow and spc900. Mars Capture 02_03_2014 00_38_06.bmp
  12. Managed to get out there again last night to much better seeing than previously encountered this year. I may not have a big scope but this proves that even with small apertures you can take recognisable images of at least Saturn and Jupiter. I've yet to try any of the other smaller planets due to poor positioning. What do you think?
  13. Is Mars going to appear in a good position this year? I'm itching to see the red planet again.
  14. No where near as outstanding as the other images here, but this is my first attempt at Saturn this opposition with my Astromaster 130 and Philips SPC900.
  15. Would I be correct in saying that from up there if they were to hypothetically look at say Jupiter or Mars through the telescope it would show up in true color without having to stack images from a movie?
  16. Seeing wasn't great here, and this is the best I could achieve, however I'm very pleased that at last I was in the right place at the right time to capture a shadow transit.
  17. I'm currently using my SPC900 on the end of a 2x barlow, however, I was wondering if it would be possible to increase the size of the planetary image further but still be able to focus to get a decent sized image. Obviously I could go and spend hundreds on a better scope, but for now I want to get the most out of my existing scope. If I were to use an extension tube, is there a formula that could be used to determine the maximum extension tube length for the SPC900 and my scope (650mm fl Astromaster 130eq). I tried dismantling one of my barlows by unscrewing the lenses, however I was unable to focus the image sufficiently.... Any advice greatly received.
  18. Must be the Chinese then. In fact I'd hazard a guess to say that if you turn the moon round it says "Made in China" on the back of it.
  19. Where can you buy extension tubes, or do you guys make your own? If so what out of hehe!??
  20. Trouble is beginners like me think wrongly that these diffraction spikes are what is actually possible to achieve using a camera and a telescope. Its the same kind of falness that we achieve with planetary photography where someone new to astronomy may think they can achieve a nice colourful image of the planet visually through the scope. Not saying there is anything wrong with enhancing the photo, so long as the description says it's been enhanced. A lot of imagery doesn't mention that on this forum.
  21. Brian Cox and his excellent DVD set of Wonders of the Solar System, and then Wonders of the Universe. Plus a general interest in space flights from watching Shuttle launches over my life time.
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