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  1. Hi Astrobaby (Sorry, I don'y know your real name).

    Recently I followed your excellent HEQ5 strip down and service guide, thank you. It solved my problem of severe backlash in RA which started after my HEQ5 took a rather nasty fall. However, I have a new problem. The RA has become stiff, so much so that balancing is a pain. The axis does not swing free. I am not able to understand what I have done wrong. My friends online told me to loosen the "collar", but again, I am too daft to understand what collar they are referring to. I'd be very thankful if you could please advice what I may do to set the axis swinging free again.


    1. SteveBz


      Hi Astro Sathya, Namaste, Did you get this fixed?  I imagine it was the collar under the Polar Finder.  On my CG5, I can unscrew the whole polar finder including lens, three collimating screws, two black collars and thread assembly revealing a collar held on by two grub screws.  This can be loosened.

    2. astrosathya


      Hi Steve, I simply love your Namaste touch. :) 

      The problem was that the RA bearing, ( which sits between the RA worm wheel  and the taper bearing on the rear end of the axis) was broken internally owing to the fall. However, while reassembling the mount after the fall, two years ago, I had placed it back in its original position, all by sheer luck. But then, when I removed the same bearing for regreasing this season, I missed the original position and the dent in the bearing caused the axis to stiffen. I checked well and then purchased an SKF 6006 bearing and discarded the old one. Works well now. Haven't been able to field test it owing to Monsoon season here.

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