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  1. Word o' warning in the Northampton area: I ordered a t-ring, a shutter release cable and a 1.25" connector for my first attempts at astrophotography yesterday. They're due to arrive tomorrow. Sorry.
  2. 39 here. Never seen it. But I am travelling from San Francisco along Highway 1 to Los Angeles in late October and am stopping at Lucia Lodge en route... just so happens it's near a dark sky location (although I can't imagine it's bright around there compared to Northampton anyway!). I am really hoping for at least a glimpse of the Milky Way.
  3. Off to the west coast of the US in late October for a couple of weeks and thought I'd take some binoculars with me. I think I've whittled it down to these two pairs now: Strathspey Marine 10x50 Williams Optics 10x50 ED Both seem to get very good reviews and they appear to be fairly similar in specification to this bi-novice, too. Does anyone have any experience of both pairs, I wonder? What would justify the c£100 difference in cost?
  4. Perhaps this thread might help you? http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/53128-how-to-polar-align-with-heq5-and-eq6-mounts-and-synscan-311/ It's for the HEQ5 rather than EQ5 but it may help slightly, who knows? I enjoyed your post, for what it's worth! Polar alignment the first time is incredibly hard, I found, despite various articles dotted around the interweb. I found it quite hard to follow Astrobaby's article, too, primarily because I felt it was pitched above my knowledge level at the time. (Not saying that's true for you, just what my experience!)
  5. It starts throwing me when there's any other star even vaguely in the vicinity of Polaris in my light polluted skies! I was saying to my girlfriend last night - having seen the star laden skies in a programme on Sunday, too - that I'd be lost looking up a non-light polluted sky. It would just look, well... alien! Anyway, I digress. Wherefore art thou, regularly scheduled programme?
  6. Weather has been absolutely appalling in Northampton, aside from that brief interlude around the night of the Eurovision Song Contest (don't ask...), practically ever since the clock went forward. I think I've managed to get my equipment out once in the last three months! Absolutely cannot wait for the Autumn and Winter for the earlier hours (and hopefully better weather!).
  7. Thanks, David. I live in Northampton so Rugby is only down the road. Do you know roughly what time the tutorials would be held, ie in the evening?
  8. From a very quick look on Stellarium, looks like it'll initially reappear in late September.
  9. Bought a Baader Zoom eyepiece earlier this week and tonight was my first opportunity to use it (actually, we've literally had no clear skies in Northampton for two months!). The standard 1.25" adaptor works just fine but when I remove that and plug in the 2" adaptor, all I can focus on is the image of the secondary mirror in the primary, no matter how much I twiddle the focuser. It feels like I am missing an attachment since the two inch set-up is closer to the OTA than the 1.25". Am I making another classic relative nub mistake?! I should add I'm using it with my Explorer 200P.
  10. Oops, typing before thinking. You're quite right, of course. Thank you for the link.
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