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  1. Can you collimate the skywatcher collimator? I have an Antaries on order (waiting 3-4 weeks), but a skywatcher is available... If the skywatcher has collimator adjustment I can order it now and get my mirrors sorted (tried to do it with a 35mm film cap with a hole in it and I'm sure I've screwed it up!)
  2. Managed to unscrew the focusing cap to realise it's the adapter! Fits onto my T2 adapter for my Nikon. Bought 2 X Box live cameras for £2.50 each!
  3. My 200P turned up, but without the adapter so I haven't seen a thing through it yet! OVL are sending out an adapter, so I hope it is the one that unscrews to attach to a T ring. Looking at buying a XBOX web cam and giving that a go.
  4. Thanks for the info. I've just ordered an explorer 200P. I already have a Nikon extension tube that's a M42 thread at one end and a Nikon mount on the other so I'm hoping this should do the trick. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it by the time Mars is on closest approach mid March...
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