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  1. I heard about his last week & jumped straight on it as soon as he kickstarter went live! £60 will get me an as yet unknown amount of megabytes of storage space or a strand of hair. It's a great idea, something I think is a once in a lifetime change. You'll forever be able to say that there's a little bit of you in space/on the moon forever! :-)
  2. it did as i was cycling home from redcar to middlesbrough when it past over my head near the steel works at dormanstown. that why i've only just joined as that was my first ever meteor sitting!
  3. a lass i know & used to work with has been all over local radio, news & papers! evening gazette the mirror have even offering cash for it! i'm hoping its real & not some bit of rubble! LOL
  4. hi! 2nd post here, first being saturday night after my close encounters of a meteorite kind! LOL well thats given me the push into starting stargazing. i've been interested since i was a kid but never really done anything about it. most has been collecting "build your own solar system" a few years ago (it built a beautiful orrery!) & visiting kennedy space center whilst on holiday in florida! (endeavour was on the launch pad waiting for her last flight!) money is tight at the minute as we are saving to goto florida (AGAIN!!! LOL) & also home repairs, just to get it ready as we are planning a family so i've got about £30-£40 spare. i've used £19.25 on some celestron upclose 10x50 binoculars. i know they arent the best but from reviews they seem good value for money especially as they are in my budget! i'm now looking for some books that'll learn me the basics. astronomy for beginners seemed a good start (if just in title! LOL) but the reviews mark it down for being to american, though theres a new version out in november. 2 books that seem to pop up are astronomy by ian ridpath & turn left at orion. are these good for a complete novice? i think i've got phillips guide to the night sky somewhere (came with a name a star i got for the wife!) but if not is that a good thing to get? thanks in advance!
  5. hello everyone! i'm new here but am here because of this! plus to prove to my wife i wasnt seeing things! LOL i've just got home from work after cycling from redcar to middlesbrough. as usual on nights, when i pass the steel works i always have a good look at the sky (theres less street lights so more visable). tonight i looked up at the moon but out of the corner of my eye saw something firey & fast! i imedately stopped to get a better look. it was a ball of orange & red fire with a long tail, heading south towards guisborouh. i watched it in amazement for about 30 seconds before it disappeared out of sight. i just couldnt beleive what i'd seen! this is THE first thing i've seen (apart from halieys comet when i was a kid!) but even to me it seemed rather big to be a meteor! well i cycled the 5 miles home just beaming with delight! PS been a lover of the night sky & space, just never got into it properly! now i'm here i may just stay a while!
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