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  1. I'm enrolled on the Cert in Astrobiology and so far can say that my application and enrolment has gone without a hitch. Really looking forward to it. Is anyone else doing the Astrobiology course?
  2. I think the 'real scope look' phenomenon is true, and I'm a sucker for it! I love my ED80 and use it frequently now to take photos. I keep thinking that now I fancy a purely visual scope for spotting stuuf whilst the ED80 is occupied with the camera. If it is purely visual than that lends itself to a light gathering dob. Somehow I just prefer the look of the Meade Lightbridge dobs because I like the metal trusses. Something inside just says to me they look more like the big professional scopes in large observatories like SALT. Its ridiculous I know but I guess it goes to show the 'real scope look' isn't restricted to refractors!
  3. Yay! Orion is by far my favourite constellation, ever since I was a small child. Saw the Pleiades again last week and it fills me with excitement for the winter observing season. Can't wait!
  4. Very sad news. A true inspiration for today's generation. Thank you for everything. RIP
  5. Wow, reading these reports makes me feel very lucky. On Saturday night at around half midnight we had only a few hazy patches but mostly clear skies. Me and my girlfriend went out to the middle of the next door field with camp beds and blankets, laid down and stared up for nearly an hour and a half. We must have easily seen 50-60 meteors in that time. They appeared to show every couple of minutes and it felt like quite a good show. Three or four out of that were really bright and impressive. I now feel very lucky. Sorry to everyone who took our share of cloud!
  6. Thanks guys, I guess it probably is a temperature thing. I took the darks at the end of the session and it was definetely a lot colder by then! Just as an extra is there a correct ratio of dark to light frames?
  7. Hi, I've just produced my first image of M51 which admittedly contains very little data. It is made up of 50x30sec light and 3x30sec darks, stacked in DSS. I know it needs a lot more data but I wondered if someone could tell me what causes the streaky effect in the image? many thanks! M51.tif
  8. He's back!!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Meteorite-/230821357940?pt=UK_Collectables_RocksFossils_Minerals_EH&hash=item35be066974
  9. I've heard the following cases fit 200 tubes, complete with wheels too! http://www.flightcasewarehouse.co.uk/music/typeproducts2.asp?id=4855-6617
  10. I quite agree with this. This has been the lifes work of SPM and I think nobody, no matter their credentials, could replace him in the same way. Or at least it wouldn't be the same S@N, therefore it needs something new. Stargazing Live is fresh, modern and I think much more accessible to people who aren't already astronomers, thus more likely to breathe new life into our hobby across the nation. Just look at the massive number of people who have rushed out and bought telescopes every February for the past few years after the show has aired. I think making this show a monthly installment to replace S@N is the way forward for the BBC, maybe that was their intention???
  11. You learn something new everyday. I knew the Earths rotation was slowing down but wasn't aware as to how it was compensated for. Thanks for posting!
  12. Saw this and wondered what people thought? I think he'd be a very very lucky man if he managed to get away with that convincing spiel . . . . http://www.ebay.co.u...=item35bd933ea4
  13. Wow Gina that's a great image. I have the same OTA but nowhere near as many extras but its nice to know what I can aim for as I start to get more into this imaging lark. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Hi, Just as a recommendation to anyone, I use a SLA Astro Power Station available from Sherwoods Astro and its fantastic. No bells and whistles and it comes in a really handy fabric carrying case with a carrying strap which is perfect for suspending it below an equatorial mount meaning you have no cables to trip over. Fantastic power pack and really small and compact too. Couldn't recommend it enough really.....
  15. As the others say, Saturn never loses its charm. It is by far my favourite object to view.
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