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  1. Skip to 9.25 & answer the question... http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01qgd9y/Eggheads_Series_13_Episode_111/
  2. Ok! Im settled. I wont be buying that. I was looking at Skywatcher Skyliner 6"... Would the extra £ for the 8" be worth it - Is this a good model to choose? Im sorry, but I really need expert opinion, as I'm walking into this pretty blind.
  3. Thank you for all the help guys, very much appreciated
  4. Hi all! I really have to get a scope!, Ive thought about it for long enough now, and its slmosst time to buy. I was looking in the local adverts at THIS scope, it does seem a bit pricey does it? Howver reading up on it , it seems a decent enough scope. Is there anything to look out for, as it would be my first scope? I dont want to get burned - is this a possibiblity with telescopes? I wonder if Id be safer/better off buying a Skywatcher 130p from a reputable source...? Thanks for any help guys
  5. I only ever seen a tiny smudge with 10x50's. I've only recently found out why I have been seeing double though them recently. Probably never helped lol
  6. Yes. We would make it to Andromeda in 2,500,000 (2.5millon) years. Very quick indeed lol
  7. Final bid £920 & 14.95 postage... So the buy and sell was closed on here because of traders buying items & selling them on?
  8. Fantastic, many thanks once again for your help! I'm watching Copycat here on Ch4, so I'll take a dander outside when that is over near 1am. Top job
  9. Thank you Stu, will there me much detail with the binos - the rings for example? I have spotted the 4 moons of Jupiter last year through the binos, kinda hard to put into words when you first see that. Even looking at Jupiter this evening, although a lot duller, I am still in amazement every time.
  10. Cheers for that mate, I have this bookmarked now. Have had a lot of help on here, it is great! Will Saturn rise much this tonight/this morning? It's quite low in the sky atm and to be honest too low for me. I have some hills blocking the view.
  11. Yes, that must be it Stu. I always look for the smudge (how technical of me) & then set the binos on it. Jeeze, I sure have A LOT to take in...
  12. EDIT: I have seen M45 before, I always wondered what that was lol. I always thought it looked like the number 2 (when you very roughly "join the stars")?. is it currently (very roughly) between M42 & Venus/Jupiter?
  13. Havent checked out M45 yet mate. It is now officially on my list
  14. Thank you very much for your help! Spotted what I think was M42 - looked like 2 stars quite close together? Also spotted beehive cluster (I think), invisible to the naked eye - more light pollution than I thought Really appreciate the help guys. Oh, already spotted Mars, Jupiter & Venus - that's about all I know to look for, not forgetting M31 of course. Too much light pollution for that this evening though.
  15. Hey guys, I've got great skies over in NI this evening. Now I'd really like something to look at through my bins! Perhaps some messier object? Something simple as im a total noob. Oh, around Mars/Sirius direction as I've got a lot of light pollution on the other side. Any help/advice would be fantastic. Currently saving for my Skywatcher 150!
  16. Still almost 5 days to go Paul. How much is it worth?
  17. Very helpful to me as well, I imagine I will try to get something like this.
  18. This is where a fearsome four legged friend comes into play. Always felt safe out & about with the dog...
  19. Very impressive Mark, can I ask what you use to get that image?
  20. Love them, would love to be able to see Mars in that detail.
  21. I recently had some animal supplies go missing with Royal Mail. Sale was through eBay, I refunded the buyer after 15 working days and I am currently chasing things up with Royal Mail. Sold quite a number of things on eBay over the years & this is my first claim for a lost item.
  22. I have a pair of Bressier 10x50 purchased a few years back for the small sum of £11. They seem to get good reviews and I am happy with them (although to be honest I know no better).
  23. I cant wait till I get a scope, my bino's are ok I suppose but just not much detail lol
  24. I see, so that's how it is, it just sits on the ground? It must stand at quiet a height?
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