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  1. Skip to 9.25 & answer the question... http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01qgd9y/Eggheads_Series_13_Episode_111/
  2. Ok! Im settled. I wont be buying that. I was looking at Skywatcher Skyliner 6"... Would the extra £ for the 8" be worth it - Is this a good model to choose? Im sorry, but I really need expert opinion, as I'm walking into this pretty blind.
  3. Thank you for all the help guys, very much appreciated
  4. Hi all! I really have to get a scope!, Ive thought about it for long enough now, and its slmosst time to buy. I was looking in the local adverts at THIS scope, it does seem a bit pricey does it? Howver reading up on it , it seems a decent enough scope. Is there anything to look out for, as it would be my first scope? I dont want to get burned - is this a possibiblity with telescopes? I wonder if Id be safer/better off buying a Skywatcher 130p from a reputable source...? Thanks for any help guys
  5. I only ever seen a tiny smudge with 10x50's. I've only recently found out why I have been seeing double though them recently. Probably never helped lol
  6. Yes. We would make it to Andromeda in 2,500,000 (2.5millon) years. Very quick indeed lol
  7. Final bid £920 & 14.95 postage... So the buy and sell was closed on here because of traders buying items & selling them on?
  8. Fantastic, many thanks once again for your help! I'm watching Copycat here on Ch4, so I'll take a dander outside when that is over near 1am. Top job
  9. Thank you Stu, will there me much detail with the binos - the rings for example? I have spotted the 4 moons of Jupiter last year through the binos, kinda hard to put into words when you first see that. Even looking at Jupiter this evening, although a lot duller, I am still in amazement every time.
  10. Cheers for that mate, I have this bookmarked now. Have had a lot of help on here, it is great! Will Saturn rise much this tonight/this morning? It's quite low in the sky atm and to be honest too low for me. I have some hills blocking the view.
  11. Yes, that must be it Stu. I always look for the smudge (how technical of me) & then set the binos on it. Jeeze, I sure have A LOT to take in...
  12. EDIT: I have seen M45 before, I always wondered what that was lol. I always thought it looked like the number 2 (when you very roughly "join the stars")?. is it currently (very roughly) between M42 & Venus/Jupiter?
  13. Havent checked out M45 yet mate. It is now officially on my list
  14. Thank you very much for your help! Spotted what I think was M42 - looked like 2 stars quite close together? Also spotted beehive cluster (I think), invisible to the naked eye - more light pollution than I thought Really appreciate the help guys. Oh, already spotted Mars, Jupiter & Venus - that's about all I know to look for, not forgetting M31 of course. Too much light pollution for that this evening though.
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