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  1. 9mm and 15mm. Not had a chance to roadtest them yet though. If I'm happy with them (and they certainly look better than the dross that came with my Dob) then I'll probably invest in a few more over the course of the year.
  2. Thank you so much for the prompt replies everyone, I genuinely appreciate it.
  3. Thank you for that - reassuring! Anyone else got anything to add? How about boxes? Am I worrying unnecessarily here? Was wondering whether the lack of packaging was indicative of 'seconds'??
  4. Hi guys so I was a good boy this year and Santa was kind enough to leave me some nice astronomy related gear under the tree. Very nice too! Sadly, the couple of GSO eyepieces I politely requested, although ordered by 'Mrs Santa', and which were confirmed as GSO by the retailer via email, arrived as the RevelationAstro equivalents. My question as a relative newcomer to all this is - are these as good/better/worse than the GSO brand I'd asked for?? One first glance (online) they appear to be roughly in the same price bracket, so I'm wondering whether to go through the hassle of exchanging or not? Also, I'm assuming eyepieces usually come packed in some kind of box, rather than just bubble-wrapped??? These don't appear to have boxes, yet otherwise appear new. They were bought from a reputable online retailer, not ebay etc. These are individual eyepieces, not a set per se. Thanks very much for any advice - appreciated.
  5. Thanks James - appreciate the advice
  6. OK, so rather than start up an unnecessary thread i'm bumping my old intro thread from March (March!!). Apologies for the delayed reply - the Mrs gave birth to mini-Geogaddi not long after these initial posts and let's just say time, money and sleep all went out the window! All worth it, of course So JimmyJamJoe - it looks like you have the same 200P Dob I've (finally) acquired. Had my first seat-of-my-pants views of the Moon, Jupiter (wow!) and the Great Orion nebula last night. Haven't even collimated the thing yet - just couldn't resist a quick blast! My question is, where should I start in terms of replacing/upgrading eyepieces / adding filters etc? I don't have much £££ anymore (see above) but equally, I understand the eyepieces that came with it are next to garbage (I bought first hand in the end). Any advice very gratefully received. Thank you!
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for this thread. It's pretty much answered everything I wanted to ask! Apart from how to get the cash past 'her indoors'. She's like Sherlock Holmes...
  8. There was a spectacular moon halo over us in Dorset tonight. Had wandered out in the hope of showing the Mrs Andromeda for the first time. Fat chance! By the time we rocked up at our dark sky site, the clear sky we left at home had well and truly gone. But, in it's place - Wow! A truly enormous halo. Still a beautiful sight!
  9. Thanks so much for this thread! The 30-odd year old Greenkats that my Granddad gave me when I was knee-high, have just shown a proper clean image for the first time in years. I'll admit, I got lucky. Literally the first 1mm turn of the first screw (chosen at random I might add) and - ping - the double-image I'd been putting up with for years corrected itself. I consider myself very lucky! Thanks again.
  10. Was walking over the Purbecks just last Sunday, down by Worth Matravers. Nice pint in the Square & Compass Thanks for all the welcome messages everyone, and fear not - while I'm watching eBay, I'm not diving straight in. Money is definitely at a premium, so I don't want to throw it at any old rubbish.
  11. Thank you kindly! Seems a nice welcoming place
  12. And a rather foggy evening it is too! So, as I can't get out to admire the sky tonight (and as the Mrs is fast asleep on the sofa, bless her) thought I'd stop lurking and sign up.. Have been making do with some ratty old Greenkat binos that my Grandad gave me 30 years ago. Finally got into Astronomy fairly recently though if I'm honest and was delighted to find Andromeda and the Great Nebula in Orion through those same ratty binos recently. Might have to bite the bullet and invest in a telescope however, IF I can get it past the Bank Manager (see my opening paragraph - she does occasionally wake up). Thankfully I live out in glorious suburbia and have a fairly long garden away from main roads, so I get a pretty low level of light pollution. Also, if I really want to see things properly, I don't have to travel too far to enjoy some seriously dark skies. Background stuff - although I live down in beautiful Dorset in the UK, i'm originally from the equally beautiful Northumberland and my other big passions in life are my beloved Newcastle United (no known cure) and some relatively avant-garde music. Right - I'm off to dribble over scopes on eBay and pore over plans to make a Dobsonian. I might even kid myself that I'll make one at some point! Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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