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  1. What zoom is this on. Great image, feels like you could just grab it!
  2. Stellarium is realy good for this stuff. Its a free download and it helps you find things with coardinates and stuff.
  3. Hello! Welcome to SGL. And I dont think the tube should be bent? But dont go of my view, I have also kind of just started.
  4. Stargazers Lounge - View Profile: Dave7a GO to that address and the pic is there. Hope you like!
  5. If you would want to see the pics go to my Dads account Dave7a. You will have a pic of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Hope you like, Josh
  6. The Moon was the first Planet I saw through a "6". Realy cool, you are right there is nothing better than seeing it with your own eyes.
  7. My dad just bought a Xbox 360 camera for our 6 inch reflector. Got some ace results of Saturn!!!
  8. Hi, just asking what kind of lense would I need to see Mars through a 6 inch Reflector?
  9. I recommend the Skywatcher 6inch, you are able to see planets up to Saturns rings to Jupiters Moons. I have seen the Orion Nebula and looking for Andromeda. Great telescope.
  10. I was outside last night with my 6inch reflecting telescope. I realised Jupiter and Venuse where really bright. So when I aimed my scope at Jupiter, you could see about three of its biggest moons.
  11. Just realised that in my area (Lancashire, England) it's meant to be really clear night at 21:00 . But the Moon is fairly bright.
  12. Hello Im Josh, Im from Lancashire and I just made an account.
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