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  1. Hi LukeSkyWatcher, Just looked out the window again, hopefully I have understood this, to the west the larger yellow/white planet is Venus, the smaller yellow/white planet is Jupiter, and to the east is smaller orange/red Mars. Yes, I think you could well be right about light pullution, I am based in Milton Keynes, there is always a slight orange glow above MK! Thank you for the identification:)
  2. Hi Robin, thank you :-) Last night was quite misty/foggy here and couldn't see the stars and planets last night. Although tonight I have just looked out the window and seen what you described, bright Venus and Jupiter to the west, and a smaller red glowing Mars to the east. For me seeing the brightness of light from the planets is breath taking :-)
  3. Hoping someone might have seen what I saw in the night sky on the evening of Thursday 1st March this week. It was about 8pm, facing west, there was what looked like a huge star south east of the moon, or was it perhaps a planet? The star/planet was glowing orange, with a lighter white/yellow light surrounding it. I am a complete beginner, just enjoy seeing the night sky as I walk to and from the bus stop in the evening, and wondered what it was?
  4. Hi, just wanted to say hello, great forum, hoping to ask about something I saw in the sky last night
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