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  1. Siminiminom


    Hello and welcome from another newbie :-)
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! I can't wait to discover what is out there and thanks to everyone on SGL that will be much easier, i have already learned so much by just reading what is on here. I have added a 6mm and 32mm gso plossl and some filters to the standard 25mm and 10mm that come with the scope, i just need to get out there and use them now, the view i got from the moon with just the 10mm was great so i cant wait to experiment Thanks again everyone Simon
  3. Hello all at SGL , Just another newbie here, thanks mainly to prof Brian Cox . I am sure i am in the same boat as many newcomers to the hobby, i have been interested in everything "up there" for years but only recently felt the push to look into things a bit more, so here i am. I tried not to move too quickly, just starting with turn left at orion, stellarium and night sky on my iphone, but then a skywatcher 200p Dob came up for sale and i had to have it So i hope i am here for a long time to come and thanks in advance for all the help that is on this great forum
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