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  1. does anyone know if the synguider woud be compatible with the meade ldx75 goto mount ? because if you use an auto guider it has to plug in to the handset of the meade goto system
  2. thanks for the info as iam looking at buying an orion autoguider and i didnt wana damage my mount once anagin thank you for helping me out
  3. i have had similar problem with my scope when i was observing jupiter a month or two ago and what i think it was over magnification for the seeing conditions as when i went to a lower mag the problems went away
  4. i have just brought an meade lxd75 goto mount and iam looking in to auto guiding it and i was wondering if any one has allready done this to this mount ?
  5. this is the first photo session since before christmas 2008 and the first from here in west texas i took 10 stubs for 3 mins at iso 1600 (as i forgot to reset the iso speed after i used my camara last time) i had a clear sky with a slight breeze,
  6. this is my first photo and its another view of M13 well an out of focus M13 it was a single photo at iso 400 for 3 mins at prime focus it was taken in may 2008
  7. if you clean it be very careful not to scratch the finish good luck with what ever you choose to do
  8. my wife and i have emptied every box out and searched through everything iam gona have to get a new one thanks for the link ill have a look
  9. i have recently emmigrated to the usa and i shipped out my skywatcher 200p and my stuff arrived last weeek and i have found that a part of the tripod is missing, the nut and washer that you screw up and tentions the tripod and holds the accessary tray in place, iam gona have to buy a wing nut to do the job is just annoying i know i packed it but i cant find it and its peed me off because i have looked trough every box and package and its no where to be found
  10. i vote get a hurricane blower i have one and it makes mine dust free as for cleaning it i would wait, i have taken my mirror out and given it a good blow over but i dont fancy scratching the finish on the mirror.
  11. wow what a scope i had a similar when i went and picked up my scope i have a skywatcher 200p and words like oh shi** came to mind because i had a friend help me get my scope and when i ordered it i didnt think it was gona be so big but wow its a nice scope the only thing i have done to mine is fit a duel speed focuser it does make focusing a lot easyier, but i do have to use a extension tube to use the eye pieces but the camara doesnt need one i hope you have many dark nights.
  12. thanks guys, i did have a 25 mm eye piece in and i looked and i looked and i didnt see it, but thanks for the tips i will have a look the next time i get a chance to use my scope, its been six months since i last had a day off on a weekend and had a clear sky but now i have the chance i will be using it again
  13. I went looking for M27 last night and i didnt find it, according to all the books i have read its really easy to find (with a samll telescope) i tried the 2 ways suggested in this month Astronomy now i also looked in a couple of books then i even set the RA and DEC circles on my scope mount, i found M57 and set them to the ra+dec for this target and then tried to find M27 and found nothing
  14. I have some other stuff like my tools and a push bike and personal effects which iam shipping out i also have my diving gear and my mountain bike and carp fishing gear in total its gona cost me about £400 to ship it on a container ship, i have been in contact with a removals firm who deal in international shipping and they are going to make a create that will fit in to a transit van and it will take about 6-8 weeks but it will be good to fianlly set up my scope in a place that has minimal cloud cover and even better no light pollution
  15. hi has anyone got the packaging for a skywatcher 200p ota that they dont want ? i will pay all cost to mail it to me i have just had my visa for my emigration to the U.S.A granted. and iam gona be moving and i need the packaging for the ota as mine has been badly damaged and the packing company is going to make a wooden crate for the ota to be shipped in but i just need the packaging if anyone can help it would be really appreciated
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