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  1. working nights for the first 2 shows, and the time of the 3rd show I'm off to a Stargazing event! Iplayer is my friend
  2. Home after a most EXCELLENT night at NLO. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going! Fabulous people, and some funky scopes when the weather plays ball. Totally amazed at the stuff I got to see tonight Thank you everyone (the new girl that is actually called Sarah lol)
  3. Performing lazurus on this thread as I found the links really useful
  4. did you sort out your nighttime fear Meissa?
  5. Miranda


    Happy new year !!
  6. hehehe I never get tired of reading first light WOW stories Its that wonder and amazement that makes astronomy so addictive - and then you start to work out what your seeing and how it all pieces together in the universe... All seen through our eyes and a bit of kit. Congrats on the scope (and for letting the male ego step aside to read the instructions;))
  7. hey Herbig - so what happens if rain stops observing fun ? And I was down that way for new year and those winds seriously whip around that shoreline!
  8. Just to say shropshire has a fantastic astro society so you should definitely check them out very friendly and will help you out with the scope no probs
  9. On the next page of the process it says after the 5mags for a fiver period it'll take out 20.50 every 6 months as a rolling direct debit. But it does say on the FAQ that you can cancel your subscription anytime, so depends if you are savvy enough (or you remember!) to cancel the subscription when the 5 mags are sent
  10. Fantastic thread! Great idea to compare... and actually helps me realise the smudges aren't just my eyes and they actually are something. But i do think its important to compare what we see with the eye and the amazing images we get from Hubble etc.
  11. welcome to SGL - its a great place And enjoy tinkering in the dark
  12. Hello from another Devonshire star gazer ( well a wannabe one lol)
  13. Hi folks. Been mega busy - as a shift worker getting friday off and then with the wonderful weather we have been having recently as made me a rather rubbish wannabe astronomer lol. Ive only been here a few months but it feels like years already lol. Anyone here going to NLO this friday? I'm trying to swap a shift so I can get to the StarGazing Live event on 9th too!
  14. Off up to shropshire today, so will have bins in the car incase I get a nice clear bit of sky on the drive down. Which would be typical lol.
  15. Im going to see how the clouds clear over the next hour or so. If not, I'm thinking sleep so I can make better use of my Monday off rather than recovering from a night of nothing lol.
  16. My habit , being a Bin-observer is that I usually drive to a dark-(ish) site, and use the car as my 'camp'. I can stand near and around the car, never venturing too far from it so if I need to make a quick get away I can. To be honest, I have never seen anyone when I have been out and about, and mostly just come across little furry creatures - but its that fear of someone jumping out at me. This is going to probably get worse after the move, new area, new unknown places and dangers - but I'm hoping getting involved with the local astro soc means I'll meet at least one person who might be able to observe with me or show me a good place or two to look and see.
  17. Just to say, I only popped down for an evening at SGL 8 and it was a fantastic atmosphere and some lovely people. Got to see some scopes and people talked me through the set up etc... and a lovely member even gave me a pair of free bins as I had killed mine a few days previous. so, even if you only 'stop by' its a great thing to come and see and experience. It gave me the confidence to be a complete noob and yet meet other more experienced and knowledgeable people without feeling intimidated - astronomers are usually the friendliest people you ever meet.... Which is strange considering we spend most of our lives outside, on our own in the dark. lol.
  18. fantastic post... because sometimes we need to know what this bit does!
  19. Just got new bins and WOW Before I had some cheap meade 10x50, and when they bust a lovely member from SGL gave me their old pair of bins at the starcamp earlier this year.. But I decided to buy a proper lovely pair of bins to treat myself and picked these bad boys. Just a quick gaze at the moon and a few other stars in the super bright sky but WOW, this glass is really so much better in comparison, considering you aren't paying that much for these over a cheap pair of meades, the quality of the image wins out instantly. Its like having new glasses on and suddenly everything is in better focus and better colour. Celestron FTW. I really love their stuff and if I ever went into scopes at some point I think I would go Celestron purely coz once I like a brand I tend to stick to it when you know its quality. Just had to do a post that shows how much I love them! Off out again in a bit to enjoy the clear-ish sky
  20. wow - many new happy hours playing with the Bin-Sim on stellarium! Thanks Steve for the help
  21. this is a fab article - I read it before about a year ago, but sometimes its pays to re-read these things
  22. You are standing outside in the dark looking at sparkly things in the sky ---- your wife probably thinks you've lost them all already, she aint going to notice the sunglasses. Plus, saves money! (well for the next astro spend;) )
  23. A cheap way to try moon observing with a filter is wear sunglasses. Sounds daft but I do that when using my bins and it helps take the edge off the glare but still see detail. Course it depends how dark your glasses are and how cool you want to look wearing sunglasses at night
  24. and the moon is really bright here, considering its only waxing gibbons. Oh well - better watch the White Queen on the iplayer instead lol.
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