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  1. i am very happy with the telrad. i took the ezfinder 2 that came with my scope off when got the telrad. the telrad, i feel, is perfect for the dobsonian telescope.
  2. well, my scope was out of collimation the whole time(facepalm). i got it brought back in enough to where i could actually find the ring nebula. i have been traveling a lot with my scope. i should check that way more often. i contacted the local planetarium, and the guy who works there is going to help me dial it in further and give me some tips. this works out well, because he was planning to check the collimation on some the planetariums telescopes.
  3. i was out at an observatory a few weeks ago and there were some experienced guys there. they said i had it in the right spot and that i should be able to see it. i think i am looking for something much larger that what it is. i did see it through the observatory's 14 inch telescope.
  4. i just cant seem to figure out what i am doing wrong. the only dso object i have seen through my scope is m13. last night i had great sky's(there was madison light pollution near by). i, for the life of me, could not find the ring nebula. i had my scope pointed at the right spot. i just could not see it. then i tried for m13 again, and couldnt seem to locate that either. i was using my 40, 25, and 17mm eyepieces. i am a noob and my averted vision skills are not good yet. add along to that the fact that i have terrible eye sight in the first place. any tips from you guys would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  5. i just mounted my telrad. i cant wait for nightfall.
  6. it is all orion equipment(scope, shorty 2x barlow, 6.5, 7.3, 10, 17, 25, and 40mm sirius plossl eyepieces). i figured i wasnt using the barlow correctly. i will try it with my 10mm eyepiece
  7. i am not really sold on my barlow lens. the view through it was not as crisp or clear as i thought it would be. i have tried it with my 6.3 and 7.5 mm eye pieces. are these not the lenses to use it with?
  8. i just bought an orion xt8 8" dobsonian with a 25mm eye piece. this is my first scope. i have been looking for the ones by the big dipper, but have been comming up empty handed. i do have a moderatly light polluted sky to deal with due to madison and the ongoing construction at epic systems.
  9. i found m13 tonight!! now i am hooked.
  10. i think i have been having more fun chasing down the things i see moving in the sky. to do it well, i have found that it helps to have a friend(or i) look through the view finder and track what you are seeing so you (or your guest) can see what it is. it is a pretty fun thing to do while i'm waiting for my eye piece set to get here. i've been searching for my first galaxy as well.
  11. which size? do you want a low power or high power? i bought a set that has a 40, 17, 10, 7.5, and 6.3mm eye pieces, plus the 25mm that came with my orion xt8. i am a noob at this.
  12. i was just wondering wha the advantages of going with a 2 inch eye piece? i have a set of sirrius plossels coming for my recently delivered 8 inch dob. what does the 2 inch offer that the 1.25 inchers dont? what size would you say would work best on my telescope?
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