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  1. Hi All. I have been using a Skywatcher 200P DS with an EQ5 mount for a few years now and have always assembled and dismantled it for each viewing session. I now have a decent and large shed that has space for me to leave the scope assembled but I am concerned about giving it adequate protection from temperature change, condensation etc. Does anyone know of suitable protective covers for the scope tube that will allow me peace of mind and save me a good half hour on each session? Cheers.
  2. Thanks JimBobs63. I picked the Maplin one up on my way home tonight at £14.99. Gave it a quick try out just now. Works a treat. Thanks for the input. Algie42
  3. Thanks g0ibi. Have you got this one? 12V 5A Car Socket Power Supply : 12V Car Accessory Power Supplies : Maplin Electronics Cheers
  4. Hi. I have a EQ5 which I have upgraded to Synscan and would like to run this off the mains when at home or near my Static Caravan rather than faffing around with a portable 12v supply. Could anyone tell me if the following item from Halfords would be of any use: Halfords | Halfords Mains To 12v Accessory Adaptor At least then I assume I can use the 12v lead that came with the Synscan kit? Also open to any alternative ideas. Cheers.
  5. Hi. This may sound like a stupid question. I have just finished fitting the Synscan upgrade kit to my EQ5 and despite my worries all went well. I do have one small item left over. It's a piece of black foam rubber, self adhesive on one side. Where the heck does this go? Also, I have two small black plastic washers which I assume should have gone on the motor mounting bolts? Are these essential? Thanks.
  6. Hi. First post, new member, old head and body - get the picture? After many years of infrequent occasional gazing at the sky, using a very primitive unbranded 60mm refractor, which has lived for most of that time in my attic, I have finally decided to embark uop Astronomy as a serious hobby. I picked up a mint SkyWatcher EQ5 mount locally for £130 and yesterday took delivery of a 200pds tube from Harrisons. As a side note those guys are very helpful and extremely fast delivering. So for just under 430 beer tokens I have a 200 pds / EQ5 combination which sounds like a reasonable investment. First shock, after my 60mm scope, this baby is a monster. What a nice piece of kit though. All I need now is some clear sky. Can I ask for some quick guidance on a couple of issues? Eyepieces: As a rough guide, and initially for lunar and planetary observation, what additional eyepiece(s) / filter(s) would members suggest to complement the stock eyepiece? Tracking / Motors: In order to motorise the EQ5 for tracking, which additional kit would members suggest / recommend? I would like the future ability to be able to control the tracking / skewing process through my laptop or net book rather than use quite expensive go-to kit. Basic imaging: I realise that the EQ5 is at the top end of it's weight limit with the 200 pds, but, in the near future I would like to try some imaging using it. I have a Sony Alpha100 which has served me well over the last 8 years and I would like to try and use this. What would I need to connect this to the 200 and am I pushing my luck with regard to weight and balance with the combination I have? That's all for now. I look forward to hearing from you all and would welcome any tips and advice, apart from keeping my posts shorter? This is my first one, wait until I get started! Cheers guys.
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