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  2. Hi yes it was lucky but know good if you cant fit it,i have the original manual but thanks for that ,any way i have now found a celestar delux mount in canada and am buying that from someone,might take a while to get here but ive read its alot better drive for guiding.Nige
  3. Hi i have the celestar 8 standard model,quite old i know but does anyone know how to fit the seperate dec motor as i cant work out how it fits.Cheers for any help Nige.
  4. Hi i just started imaging look at my photo album to see whats possible in little time saturn rocks:headbang:nige.just click on bonsai and select public profile in case you dont know.lol
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  6. Hi all i have se mx716 but with a mx7c ccd fitted have installed mx7c usb 1.1 camera control software but when i open the program i get no image just white with lens cap off black when on so i attached to f10 sct pointing out of window still the same can i view a live image in the software?Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(nige
  7. Hi ant thanks for clearing that up,i have another question if you dont mind,all of my images of saturn come out black a white at 30fps, i am using imaging source dbk21au04.as. Tried increasin saturation but just makes image seem darker ANY IDEAS?Nige
  8. hi all been busy at work but you have all been great and helpful thanks trev regi 5 is brilliant,thanks dark night,ps ant how do i set codec to y8oo to get 60 fps is it in ic capture ive asked before but no answer if anyone else has any tips willing to learn,this is a great site and great people thanks all you rock!
  9. thanks all i seem to get errors at frame 3040 or there abouts still cant work out where i change codec in regi or ic captuer but i read on dmk site i need to select y800 for 60 frames ps ive looked at options in regi but cant find codec option ps thanks for link on regi sounds good thank you all going to bed now but will speak soon thank you all nige
  10. where do i set the codec in ic capture or in registacks?
  11. Hi no have not used through any other software but it seem to happen to alot of my avis i will find out what version of regi i am using+camera model number etc is any other settings important?I will try changing the codec and report back but thanks for advice so far i knew i could get good advice here!nige
  12. Hi all i am trying to image seturn with an imaging source coluor cam at 30f per second but when i try to alighn in registacks it alighns for so long then stops say unable to read avi frame?can anyone help.nige:o
  13. Ok thanks so i need a good resolution video cam,i will put an add on wanted section thanks for all your advice friends!
  14. Hi all i have dsi c which is colour but want more detail on planets which is best out of dsi 2 colour or dsi pro b/w with filters?Thanks Nige:icon_scratch:
  15. I agree good scopes they are mine is in great condition i bought mine from ade ashford the astronomy writer top bloke!
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