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  1. Is there a guide telling you what spacers and thickness and spacer locations on the NEQ6 Pro mount should they ever become mixed up during a revamp?
  2. Spooky - reloaded the EQMOD, and ASCOM Platform and it seems to have sorted itself now. Thanks for the advice anyway
  3. Since I updated to the latest EQMOD I'm getting a problem. When I run up Maxim it connects to EQMOD and runs up fine. Whenever I try and connect another piece of software like cartes Du Ciel, PHD 2 or whatever, it tries to load up another instance of EQMOD again. Of course, there is already an EQMOD running so the new one fals with a connection error message and I cant use any other software. Prior to the update (v128) I could connect multiple items all using the same instance of EQMOD. Any ideas?
  4. Have shared to all my mates on FaceBook - am I on commission? LOL
  5. I took one when I first started imaging and it is still by far one of the poorest pics Ive yaken, but still one of my ultimate favourites. Alberio Rocks!
  6. Thanks guys - an expensive overtightening exercise here. Thing is, unless you get it tight, the filter wheel can possibly swing loose on the thread as the scope moves.
  7. EEEK! Whilst tightening up my Artemis 285 to the filter wheel, I heard a ...."crack"....... Yup, I've sshattered the protective clear glass at the front of the camera, seems the Tru Tek filter wheel I have has a screw thread thats quite long in comparison to the Art 285. Does anyone know where I may be able to obtain a simple clear circular replacement glass? I measured the broken one at 50mm diameter. Any help please gratefully received....
  8. I purchased the HiTecAstro Mount Hub - lovely bit of kit. I want to use the auto focus on it. What sort of Stepper Motor would I need to use if I build my own unit?
  9. Thanks Themos, I thought I'd screwed it all up for a moment there... I've actually got the Polar scope aligned so that the star now stays central, so ( if we stay clear ) I'll have a go as you mentioned and se eif it neatly drops in place on the "o"
  10. Was getting bad drift on my images so decided to re align from scratch. Unfortunately, whilst adjusting the polar reticule on my EQ6 it came loose and had to be put back in. Does it matter about the reticule orientation to the scope axis? For example, if the scope is in the HOME position ( weights facing down etc ) should the polar reticule also be facing with the circle at the bottom? If not, what do you align the reticule to?
  11. This is handy: Welcome to CCDWare - CCDNavigator CCD Navigator Deciding what to image is always a chore, theres just so much. Nebulas, Galaxies etc... All depends on your equipment, filters, camera etc.. If you are new, try some bright things first M42 Orion Nebula, The Andromeda Galaxy, M101 in Ursa Major things like that will usually give you some kind of results. Dont expect Hubble style images though straight away....it is though, quite acceptable to get some very good images and detail with time and patience. Go for the Moon, planets or bright deep sky objects first, get used to the soft
  12. Definitely not a hot pixel, I've tried several different areas and manually selected stars
  13. OK - Update. Disconnected the EQMOD and put the Handset back onto the mount. Run the mount up and selected a star ( no point aligning as I only wanted to test the Autoguider ) Autoguide, expose and ran calibration again. Same problem. Same values, Star moved < 5 pixels error message. At least that has ruled out the EQMOD. I'll see if I can get the StarShoot Swapped tomorrow for another camera.
  14. Well I tried all that. Pin checked the cable, thats fine. Tried again with Maxim and on the first Cal it did draw a small red line, then went back to the same problem again. Tried again and again, nothing. Tried PHD, Was still calibrating West and up to 58, was taking ages. Increased the value as suggested to 1000, still the same. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Maxim but to no effect. Is there a place where the configs/settings are stored? I want to physically delete them all and restart. The only other thing I havent done yet is to uninstall and reinstall the EQMOD Software...... Here's
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