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Nick Smith

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  1. Nick Smith

    Large moon mosaic. 100 megapixel

    A great result Wouter, well worth the effort
  2. Agreed! Well done to everyone, some great images! Nick
  3. Nick Smith

    M51 EQ8 shake down

    Thanks guys for the comments. It was actually a crop. I agree that this scope may be really fussy with collimation. There may also be a bit of slop in the imaging train. Any other ideas gratefully received from others with similar set-ups. Cheers Nick
  4. Nick Smith

    M51 EQ8 shake down

    Hi all Managed to get the new EQ8 guiding okay etc. Here is a couple of hours with the C9.25 and Meade series 40000 0.63 focal reducer. Not very happy with he star shapes, but I have an apparently better focal reducer fron Starizona on the way. I have also ordered an OAG to hopefully tighten things up. Cheers Nick
  5. Nick Smith

    Hadley Rille-Apollo 15 landing site

    Great stuff Jock. Thanks for the reply. Those guys were the luckiest men who ever lived..
  6. Hi all An image taken under a low angle of illumination from the Sun. This is dominated by the trio of large craters, Archimedes, Aristillus and Autolycus. However of particular interest, visible to the top left of the picture, is the sinuous rille, Rima Hadley. This was site of the Apollo 15 landing. Cheers Nick
  7. Nick Smith

    Lacus Mortis

    If you would like to see the 1:1 as it came out the camera, here is the link: http://www.pbase.com/image/167469695
  8. Hi all During a search for installation of my new EQ8 mount, I was brought back to SGL. I have not posted here for ages, but saw there was this competition Had a couple of sessions in reasonable, but not brill seeing last month. Got a lot to go through, which I ill post later if okay. This is Lacus Mortis area. C14 ZWO ASI174MM. Cheers Nick
  9. Nick Smith

    Hyperstar 3/ASI 1600MC-cool Horsehead area

    To be honest Magnus, I did not think the changes were worth re posting. Thanks for looking anyway
  10. Nick Smith

    Hyperstar 3/ASI 1600MC-cool Horsehead area

    Do you mean you could not see the image Magnus, or is the star still very bright? If the latter, any advise regarding removing the halo would be gratefully received
  11. Nick Smith

    Hyperstar 3/ASI 1600MC-cool Horsehead area

    Hi guys, one last tweak to tame Alnitak-I'll be back after about another 10 hours of exposure...
  12. Nick Smith

    California Nebula - Sony A7S/Tak Epsilon

    Absolutely amazing image! For me the colour is too saturated? I know it is all a matter of personal opinion, but I would like to see it reduced a little Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 1024MB Insert other media Off Notify me of replies Submit Reply
  13. Nick Smith

    Hyperstar 3/ASI 1600MC-cool Horsehead area

    Ha! Well glad the green has gone!
  14. Nick Smith

    Hyperstar 3/ASI 1600MC-cool Horsehead area

    Thanks Ron! I really appreciated your support back then, as lunar imaging is not the sexiest of topics!
  15. Nick Smith

    Hyperstar 3/ASI 1600MC-cool Horsehead area

    Thanks for the help. I have run the images through HLVG and it works like a charm! I have replaced the original images with the updated ones. Also gave them a bit of a boost in curves

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