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  1. Nice one Neil. Can't keep a good man down! Look forward to your images once you are up and running properly
  2. Hi guys An image from 20th April when we had some clear skies and good seeing Here is the link to the full sized photo: https://pbase.com/nicksmith/image/171588941/original.jpg Don't know how many people still read this forum, but thought I would post here for old times sake. Got a load more recent photos if anyone is interested!
  3. Hi Smerral You may have thought the seeing was not all that good, but... those images are FANTASTIC!!! For 8 inches of aperture I have seen nothing better, and I have seen a lot, I don't know where you live, but I get conditions like this about every 5-10 years. Can't find your earlier better results, would be interested if you can post a link, Great work! Cheers Nick
  4. Thanks Pete, Richard and Bradley. Here is a link to the whole Moon from a few years ago. Doable from the UK, but would need a bit of luck! https://pbase.com/image/116819269/original Cheers Nick
  5. Already have done! https://pbase.com/image/116819269/original
  6. Hi all Seeing was great for the altiude, which unfortunately was only 39 degrees! ASI174mm camera, C14 Thanks for looing!
  7. Thankls guys! Yes, Ihad some Ha data, but it all looked a bit noisy so I left it out. Cheers Nick
  8. Basically all of it, Can you see the difference in colour between your original image and the one I posted?
  9. Great Image! I like the processing. With my image I caved into "peer pressure" and made it more saturated with more sharpening. Like you say, it is hard to get a result you are satisfied with...
  10. Thanks Carole. Bortle 5 according to Clear Outside, and I think that is about right, Maybe borderline 6. I have the normal local stuff (including my own house!) to deal with. If you have a similar field of view to mine, I would give it a go. The Moon/general sky conditions were a much bigger factor than the local light pollution. I found a big difference between 4 and 7 hours luminance in smoothing out the image, All-in-all it did take a LOT longer than I though to get what I did!! Cheers Nick
  11. Hi all As you may know, the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK coincided with a spell of decent weather, Taken between the 15th and 22nd April. LRGB image, a total of 24,8 hours exposure. Under my carpy skies could do with a lot more, but have to draw the line somewhere! The first image is a crop of the larger field from the Esprit 150. Camera ZWO ASI1600mm.
  12. Great job Gina.! Nice to have enough time to get a "colour" picture
  13. That's great Carole, A really beautiful picture
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