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Nick Smith

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  1. Nick Smith

    M42 & core with only a couple of hours of clear sky!

    Fantastic Barry. Your processing skills are something to aspire to
  2. Nick Smith

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    Thanks, nice of you to say that! Yes, I am pleased with it but there is plenty of room for improvement!
  3. Nick Smith

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    Yes, it works very well. So much so I have got one exactly the same to make up a dual rig
  4. Nick Smith

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    Thanks again for the kind comments all
  5. Nick Smith

    Full moon IC1848 in Ha... thanks to Astrodon

    A great result, full moon or not! The 3nm filter certainly helps with the Moon and general rubbish sky conditions.
  6. Nick Smith

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    BTW, Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated
  7. Nick Smith

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

  8. Nick Smith

    M31 - my first attempt

    Great job, just need to nail the focus!
  9. Nick Smith

    First Image of 2019: M45

    Great job! Hate to say it though, probably slightly out of focus??
  10. Nick Smith

    NGC 2244

    Superb. Lots of great detail!
  11. Nick Smith

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    Thanks Carole!
  12. Nick Smith

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    Hi all I am amazed that I even managed to get this much done this year! About five hours Ha and an hour each of RGB. Conditions bad to terrible!! ASI 1600mm; Esprit 80 Cheers Nick
  13. Nick Smith

    Cygnus wall

    Nice one Steve. I would be inclined to suppress the green, but it is a really nice photo with some excellent detail anyway Cheers Nick
  14. Nick Smith

    NGC 7000 Hyperstar C9.25

    HI all This is two hours integration with the Baader f/2 narrowband filter on the Hyperstar C9.25. I was not satisfied with the quality, so I have now moved on to a refractor based rig. Not sure if it was a good move or not... Cheers Nick
  15. Nick Smith

    M31 HaLRGB

    And also Rodd, it is possible (in fact probable) we are not even looking at the same thing! On one of my monitors this looks great (the correctly calibrated LCD from work), on the other it looks a bit overexposed with a bit of a gradient in the bottom left. In fact, your processed versions look a lot better on this (other) monitor. The only way to know for sure would be to print the picture out...

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