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  1. pfff want to see and capture the SN. Clouds^2

  2. Keep posting those images! Its clouds clouds and clouds here in Holland. At least till the beginning of next week.
  3. wow, you've got to be kidding us!! first of all, an amazing picture, second, your avatar picture suits you well, omg you would have been famous. Well done my fellow Nederlander.
  4. Foro = goto ..... I wouldnt invest much money into the mount, unless you can use the upgrades on future mounts. The eq5 is a good mount, but if you are really getting into ap you will replace it someday...
  5. I agree with jonathan, 320 for just the computer and motors? Second hand foro eq5 go for that money right? Perhaps sell your eq5 and buy a heq5 with tracking build in? Not sure how much they cost. but maybe first get the book I mentioned? That will answer loads about your equipment and future purchases... really helped me a lot and saves me money...
  6. Hmm, maybe get yourself a nice 80 mm ED scope with a 2 inch, 1:10 crayford focusser, a t ring and the book Making every photon count. After that, perhaps the qhy 5 webcam with a 9x50 finder scope for guiding. After that, and after another year, a heq 5 mount.....
  7. Just drool on the pictures in reviews and in the webshop, order it, check your track and trace number every minute, take the day off when it arrives, set it up in the living room, make a picture of the setup to show off in sgl and finally, download a vastly superior image from the Hubble.....
  8. Hehe nice idea to keep track. A rather high number indeed. Problems are however moonphases, working days, girlfriends.....
  9. Sounds amazing! Have fun. The Egyptians were among the first members of the Stargazers Lounge, back in the days when tablets didn't have apps....
  10. btw, since my nights are limited due to work, weather and the misses, I'm really glad I got a Goto system, it saves a lot of time in the field. HOWEVER, I do feel I don't know my way around the sky as I would like to......
  11. Interesting topic.My two cents.... I use a 150/750 newton on a cg5 (similar to eq5) and I like the portability, the fact I can add a camera and guidescope and still take OK photographs. However, I always wonder what the view would be like using a 200. Most people here have the 200's for life as it seems, so that would be your best bet. The mount, if you're going into serious photography, is never good enough anyway, so I shouldn't worry about it, you're gonna want a heq6 in the future probably.
  12. Thanks! Looks like a nice site, will check it out regularly. Having an astronomy picture the day screensaver on a mobile phone also helps to keep up to date
  13. A starbeque, but of course! The sgl events look impressive and much fun. Phil, thank you for your awesome post. You have some really good points most of which I wouldn't think of myself. The torches, new moon, iss events, the two night planning, perfect .
  14. Haha thanks for the tips, We do have Jaffa cakes, but seriously? They taste like they are 10 months old! But I'll make sure they are there hehe. Also alcohol, good tip. But since like in the uk, its kinda cold here, it might prevent some folks from freezing up. What is a Starbeque?
  15. Dear Sgl, Ever since I got a telescope, people are asking if they can join me in the field. To get rid of all these pesky requests at once, I'm throwing a stellar party. I'm bringing two scopes, a 150newton and a skywatcher 80 mm on the same mount. Also I'm asking people to bring their binoculars. I've got a nice selection of Astor charts and books for them to look at and want to start the evening inside with a 30 minute chat about our solar system, our galaxy, big bang, dark matter dark energy (I've been reading Einstein telescope by Evelyn Gates). Also, I have a nice photographic setup with guiding, so perhaps we can take pictures of m42 at the spot. Or, throw the party at half moon so I can use the webcam and show the moon live on screen? Thoughts here? Do you have any do's and don'ts for such an event? Or fond memories, please share! Obi
  16. Hmm very informative post Ed, didn't know that. since I'm in this hobby for a long long time to come, maybe this isn't the best scope for me afterall (trying to make myself feel good, haha).
  17. never mind its sold for 250 euro to another guy/girl.......
  18. Dear SL, I'm thinking of buying an over 10 year old Vixen R200SS with coma corrector and the standard focuser and am hopefully paying 300 euro's. Not sure though, the guy has a lot of interest. The mirror is in top condition. You think this is a good deal? Jonathan
  19. Yeah also found that link, maybe somebody here knew a little more about the work. Thanks anyway!
  20. Dear SL, Is it possible? Kind regards, Obi
  21. Welcome to SGL! We have some great treasures up north, but we don't have the dark skies of australia unfortunately....
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