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  1. Dear SGL, I'm using PHD together with a 8x50 guidescope and a QHY5L 2 mono cam and a ST4 cable attached tio the autoguiding port of my mount. Yesterday evening it seemed PHD couldn't keep up with scope/mount (which was probably a little out of alignment itself). The N-distance kept creeping up. Should I re-align the mount or use more aggressive settings on PHD. And which settings to change if needed? Some help would be appreciated, tonight is the last good imaging night due to the moon phases :-) Cheers! Obi
  2. That does sound like an impressive set-up, pics plz btw I have upgraded the battery to 45Ah but not charger which is rated for batteries 12-40 Ah, this means its will take longer to charge or should I find a new charge?
  3. My 2 cents: with a limited budget you can try the cg5 or eq5 with imaging as long as you dont add too much weight to it (like a guide scope) and windy days are cold anyway so avoid them :_) Also, imaging with a 6 inch newton or 8 inch newton isn't that much different so maybe get a second hand 6 inch ota, you can pick them up fairly cheaply (should have a 2 inch focuser). It reduces weight bigtime! Or maybe get a ED 80mm which is also lighter than your 200pds....
  4. Haha you do that since we have clouds all weekend here in Denmark ill go crazy on the CAD and change the design using all of your inputs Have fun at the event! Hope you have some clear skies and a good time!
  5. clouds for weeks now!!!

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    2. Pig


      It does seem to be never ending ATM

    3. Obi Wan Ken00bi

      Obi Wan Ken00bi

      Haha you got a heq5 pro and now its clouds clouds clouds?

    4. Gutross


      oh i wish, heck i wish i had a scope worthy of that mounts, it just seems the amount of clouds is equil to the cost of what youve just purchased

  6. clouds clouds clouds

  7. Cool idea! I see there are only a few loungers in Denmark on the map atm, but nice to know
  8. What gauge of nichrome wire resistance shouyld I choose? 30 SWG or something?
  9. Thanks cjdawson & James! Would love to get some pictures from your setup. Good to see more people make their own dew heaters as well as power tanks. also thanks for the link to your thread, it contains a lot of practical info which I'm gonna need I've changed the battery to 45Ah (dont want the exide one since it's not an AGM) and I'm going to make room on the frontpanel for future sockets and already ordered some more 12v sockets . Wouldn't have thought of this stuff myself, so really helpful. I will also make room for dew heaters What do you think of the ebay PWM circuits? They say the idle power is 1 watt which is annoying.....
  10. Good to hear, I've decided on the 45Ah. Also, you guys have sparked my interest in dew control (when does this hobby ever stop!?!?!). Commercially available stuff is too expensive, so i found this page: http://www.deepskywatch.com/Articles/newtonian-dew-heater.html He/she uses nichrome wire: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nichrome-Wire-Resistance-Nickel-Chrome-Heating-Element-Hot-Cutting-Various-Sizes-/251550106470?var=&hash=item3a918e0366:m:mwLLt5nI5YsX9_bf7oqQpTQ and suggest to use these babies: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED-Switch-Dimmer-Adjust-PWM-Cotroller-For-Office-Lamp-Strip-Light-Efficient-8A-/141650296051?hash=item20fb03fcf3:g:BBsAAOSwPhdVPeVM Any thoughts on this? I am going to be using a GSO 8 inch newtonian, 8x50 finder with QHY5-II and a Canon 50D DLSR. I'm thinking of getting 4 of those cheap dimmer and some wire and just test some stuff out first.....
  11. The 80 Amp is NO AGM battery, so will require refilling and it vents more gas (right?) As I'm storing the battery in my basement in my house, I'd like the sealed lead acid AGM one's better. The AGM 45 aH is 14 kg so more manageable....
  12. So I can exchange my current lead-acid battery: http://www.batterinet.dk/shop/blybatteri-12-volt-1506p.html For this one: http://www.bauhaus.dk/marinebatteri-dual-12-volt-80-amp.html Or go for the same type of lead acid type but then I only can afford a 45Ah Not sure which type is best and all...
  13. I've considered heating the battery too but then thought: increasing battery life by drawing power to heat itself.... that doesn't sound like energy effective, but maybe it is!
  14. Ok this is all great feedback. Thanks for taking the time. Im not using dew control at the moment but will probably start getting into that as well so best prepare for that right. I can exchange the battery for a 33Ah or 45Ah OR get an extra 18Ah...
  15. Welcome to SGL!! Have fun with the new scope
  16. Great tip james! Thanks. I will add room for insulation! My imaging sessions will be short (3hours tops) and only one night per charge obviously. Also the tablet has its own battery so that will probably last a while as well. The problem is good batteries are expensive (especially here in Denmark) and I really want to try field AP out first. If I find my imaging time too short Ill buy the second 18Ah battery. I already have the first battery at home so cant exchange anymore....
  17. Dear SGL, My plan is to do AP in the field, but for that I need a field battery / power tank. The ones you can buy seem nice, but there's nothing like a good DIY project right? Since I'm always running out of space to put things, I've decided the power tank will double as a small table and storage ;-) Power needed: 12 V for Celestron CG5-Goto 8,1 V for Canon 50D USB for tablet which I use for guiding (Dell venue pro 11) 12 V for red LEDs The components ordered: 2 x DC-DC converter 12V cigarette plug some on/off switches 2x DC plugs for mount & camera LCD readouts (because that looks cool, haha) DC to USB converter Fuses 2 x red car LEDs 1 x 12V 18Ah lead acid battery (+charger) I'm using 18mm and 3mm wood (what I have laying around) and black paint. Here is the plan: Couple of questions to all of you: - Am I missing something mayor here? Any tips before I break out the power saw? - Do I need a DC converter from the battery to my mount? (Don't want to blow up/ overpower the mount, but the battery should be 12Vdc ) - In your field experience, where to place my red car LEDs? (not in drawings yet) - Capacity/ size of fuses per power circuit? I'm thinking 2A each.... Cheers!
  18. Dear SGL, What filter would you recommend for getting rid of streetlights/ city lights for visual and photography? I will use it on an 8 inch Newton with a 2 inch 1:10 focuser. I would like to use the filter for both visual als photography if this is possible (can you use a 2 inch filter on 1,25 eyepieces using the converter?). Merry Christmas!!!
  19. Very pretty!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Fantastic picture! Congrats Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Welcome to the forum Tony! Long may you observe the heavens above Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Forgive me if this item has been posted before, but I'm divided 50/50 between these scopes. For visual use on my CG5-GT I plan to upgrade my 6" to a nice 8" newton which is more future proof. I do AP on the 6 inch with guide scope, but in the future I will buy a heavier mount (heq5 or eq6) to accomodate the 8" with all the AP goodies as well. For now though I will choose between these babies: GSO is 359 euro without an EP (I dont really care) and has: -- 94% enhanced reflectivity coatings for a brighter picture-- Seconcary mirror: 63mm diameter (minor axis)-- 2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual speed transmissionhttp://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p49_GSO-200mm-f-5-Newtonian-Parabolic---2--Dual-Speed-Crayford.htmlThe Skywatcher comes in at 429 euro but shippes with a 28 mm LET eyepiece and has a smaller 58mm secondary mirror and similar focuser.http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3887_Skywatcher-Explorer-200PDS---8--f-5-Newtonian---1-10-MICRO.htmlAny thoughts on both brands and quality of the mirros/ focusers?Cheers!
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