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  1. Shame to read about all these bad weather examples and what a beautiful picture! I’ve saved it to my phone, hope you don’t mind James The skies where clear in Aarhus, Denmark and I set up my scope in the city center. I planned to make images as well, but there where around 100 people to watch it and most of them asked to watch through my scopes. So I had a queue of 3 hours and got to meet loads of new people and some Astro professionals from the local university as well! It was simply the best night of my hobby so far. Here are some pics (I’m the guy with the big thumb in front of the scope ) I had to add an eyepiece to my st80 guidescope as well to keep the queue moving haha
  2. Thanks for the reply! I know what you mean by weather and laziness.... when you do get a good night a lot time other things have come up right? It feels like it’s a bit of a pain in the ass the whole process.... Like said I was planning on getting the WO61 with my QHY8L on either this mount or the SkyGuider Pro and a 50mm guide scope, mainly for traveling purposes or when the big setup is making long exposures. But if it is that hard to get any good shots, it might not be worth the trouble.... keep us us posted if you make some more pics. The m42 looks cool!!
  3. So, storm in a teacup! Below normal images with the QHY8L. (Under light polluted sky so with CLS filter, no coma corrector which arrived only today and not in full darkness due to summer time in northern Denmark). Colors are not orange
  4. That seems very doable. Thank you so much for replying. I’m doing that tomorrow will let you know how it goes.
  5. That’s beautiful!! Well done. I’m amazed by that pic, in south UK skies. Do you use light pollution /narrowband filters? Off-topic a bit I realize atm it doesn’t even get nautical dark in north Denmark. Crazy. I will order the cable next month, when my astronomy budget is replenished.... this month I got a QHY8L and baader coma corrector on top of the new EQ6 last month so I’m holding off on purchases until the new salary comes in. Can I reach out to you with possible questions when the time comes?
  6. Hi GuLinux! Any new experiences and photos with the 60mm and sky adventurer setup? Are you guiding as well? And how are your experiences regarding alignment, finding targets and sub-lengths? I’m leaning towards the WO61 with SA Mount...... Cheers!
  7. Thanks!! Awesome comment, I'll save this one and order a EQ mod cable after summer is over (and I can image again)...
  8. Thanks for that great explanation Mikey. So, you do alignment via eqmod? What do you mean with plate solving software?
  9. Haha yeah wires suck! I know the feeling. Im not sure what you mean by turn of the tracking of the mount? The mount does the basic tracking, by polar aligning it and running the 2 or 3 Star alignment program you set that up. After aligment you can take subs of 30 seconds or there abouts, depending on how good a job you did. If you want longer subs, you start guiding ON TOP of that. PHD gives small adjustment to improve the mount’s basic tracking.
  10. Wow what a great set of replies. I plan to come back to this topic whenever I have a frustrating imaging session or a streak of bad weather ?? Thanks everyone for pitching in!!!
  11. Great eyepieces though, should be called BFB, bang for buck
  12. It’s an excellent hobby to enjoy a nice scotch to keep you warm offcourse. One time I was drunk at a party I organized and tried to show my friends some interesting stuff because we were talking about hobbies. Got the stuff out of the basement, set up all the equipment, balanced everything. It was only then I realized it was completely cloudy and had been so the whole evening ???
  13. I’m very curious to see you all finishing the sentence. For me it’s: .... that there is no rush! The stars and planets have been there millions of years, and they will stay there millions of years. We have plenty of time to observe and image them and if not tonight then tomorrow
  14. Plenty of friends and family that want to join the occasional night out and see some stuff or are interested in my images, but only a few that own their own scope. It takes dedication and a lot to do this hobby properly (it is at night, not plan-able due to weather and it can cost a lot of money) and those people are rare
  15. Welcome to SGL! Smart to start with joining a club, and getting binos. Hopefully you’ll enjoy every night out and have yourself a new hobby that is one of the best and most relaxing ones you can have (until you get into astrophotography haha). Kidding, that’s also awesome.
  16. Welcome to SGL and greetings from Denmark. You are probably experiencing the same as I am right now: great weather, clear skies but it stays so light!! The sun is awesome for life on earth and everything, but it should go a bit lower during night eh?! Enjoy SGL, it’s a great community with some of the best help you can get anywhere in the world, especially for astrophotography.
  17. Great stuff and welcome to the club!! It’s just an awesome mount isn’t it? Hope you have a nice telescope and mobile power supply to go with it? Enjoy the Star party!
  18. Thanks Louise, Based on your chart +post and info by Neil and Peter, I changed the curves to increase blue spectrum and decreased red, so this should be more accurate image of the moon I'll keep you all posted of my first DSO, cant wait!
  19. Makes sense indeed. I will target the dumbell asap (it’s on my list anyway). I’ll report back in a month or so when it gets dark enough during the night keep you posted!
  20. Hi all, Thanks for digging into this. The camera does have a build in IR filter I believe (see image). Over exposure on the red and green pixels seems to make sense (cam has two green pixels after all). I didn't buy this camera to make images of the moon offcourse. I'll try some DSO's as soon as it get dark again. Right now in Denmark it only gets 'dark' between 01:00 and 03:00, and not really dark dark, the sun glow is still here. Not enough contrast for DSO I think. You guys know of any objects that I could still try with long exposures to try out the camera? Btw Steve, You have returned now officially the favor of me buying your book and promoting it amoung my friends, hihi. Thanks!
  21. Here you go! Thanks for helping out moon5ms.fit moon10ms.fit moon14ms.fit and Arcturus and some surrounding stars: Testqhy8I.fit
  22. Hi John! Thanks for your reply. Yes I have tried that. Photoshop just shows the same yellow-ish color after 'stacking' one image and saving as a TIFF. Also EZcap which ships with the QHY8L shows the yellow/orange color when saved to JPG....
  23. Hi SGL! I've just received my brand new QHY8L camera but the images, after debayering using GBRG, are coming out rather orange. The moon was very white when I shot this. Arcturus same! (ok that IS a red giant, but all the other stars are also rather orange). Am I doing something wrong here? edit: topic name
  24. Hi all! my brand new EQ6 R Pro arrived today. When assembled, I’ve noticed a little bit of play / free movement in the RA axis. Clamps are offcourse fully tightened. Is this normal? How did you experience this? The dec seems ok. My old cg5 also has this, but I thought this mount didn’t have this backlash.... See the video, but its hard to see https://youtu.be/8eiAK6FnBkU Obi edit 2: it's normal, I am no longer worried and a proud member of the club! What a stable mount. LOVE IT! edit: I haven’t started up the mount yet.... out of precaution. But this may actually tighten up the belt when I do?
  25. Great feedback! I will try everything tonight, starting with the new values from Michael and also try to isolate the problem if it occurs by switching off guiding (knobby and Adrian's tips). Thanks a lot. SGL is a great community :-)
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