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  1. Well, I know it’s supposed to have some other colors in there but don’t beat yourself up. It’s a beautiful image and mesmerizing to look at. Just step back and think about all these star bundled together since (almost) the start of the universe. (I believe these dense star clusters are actually very old right?)
  2. Thanks for this advice. Guiding did improve when I rebalanced, so I’m getting closer to the problem I think. I have the cables out of the camera going into some cable shoes/ cable fasteners, so that should not be the problem, but I will check. I didn’t know it always needs to be in balance (thought mainly when things are horizontal). I’ll rebalance further and better! To Louise; I’ll get rid of the Dec backlash tomorrow by tuning the scope. That should also help. For now it’s ???? Getting closer.... edit: I really wouldn’t know what I would have done without the help of SGL/ all of you. ?
  3. Haha no worries for apologies! I’m super happy you are helping out. I’ll rebalance the scope now as you said. I’ll report back Update 1: well I have rebalanced the scope and made it more front heavy on dec (it was balanced) and the problem is STILL here. Really unsure what this is. It can’t be backlash can it? Update 2: a target further north and lower on the horizon (so more horizontal scope) gives normal guiding now..... update 3: problem keeps when guiding southward and looking towards zenith. I’m packing in for the night. I will tweak the mount backlash tomorrow and see if that helps.
  4. Haha no worries for apologies! I’m super happy you are helping out. I’ll rebalance the scope now as you said. I’ll report back
  5. I haven’t flipped at all this night.... everything seems pretty balanced
  6. I can feel a bit in dec. slight wobble... During guide assistant: here are the ‘results’ from guiding assistant, which failed:
  7. Hi Dave and Louise, Arghh... the problem keeps persisting. Only in West direction it seems. No meridian flip involved but straight after 2 star alignment on west stars, to a western target (Vega, last alignment Star). Again the dec is having a mind of its own. I now tried your tip of helping it with my finger and that actually works. Whenever I gently lift the mirror so pushing tube into flat position (it wants to go upright on dec). What does this mean? A lot of dec backlash? The eq6 mount is brand new.... it just seems the dec guide pulses don’t come through properly somehow...
  8. Nice! I went osc just because the whole setup is already so complicated and I need to make the most out of my time in the field (so taking 4 x 5 minutes exposures to create a single sub is not always the best thing for me). But mono is undoubtably the ultimate experience ? good luck and clear skies mate.
  9. Great image! Really like the field of view of the ed80 and your framing! In took this two weeks ago with a one shot color ccd (QHY8L) for reference. About an hour and a half exposure at 1000mm f5. I did use a CLS filter to get rid of some light pollution in the area
  10. I just got an eq6 r pro and I’m over the moon with it, also because it was already stretching my budget. Didn’t know about the cem60 when I bought it to be honest, but I’m not gonna return the eq6. I like the large community it has, comes with the tripod and I like EQMod (although I’ve heard the software on ioptron is great as well). I know it sounds really silly but the carry handle is an awesome feature. I regularly go in the car with the setup and carrying it around is really ‘easy’, for a mount this heavy. Anyway, it’s great to read you are already investing in a mount this size, so you won’t have to upgrade in the coming 10 years if at all edit: typo
  11. No I didn’t do that. Will try next time. I just got a bit frustrated and went back to the other side of the meridian haha. Louise: I deleted the calibration data after the flip so I don’t ticking the reverse meridian box makes sense? I won’t delete the calibration data next time and change the PhD settings. I’m not using EQMod (yet). Ill try the last tricks (cone error video is interesting btw!) and report back on the next clear sky!
  12. So the weird thing is, after the meridian flip it did the same thing again! Even after restarting PHD2 and clearing calibration data. I ended up just imaging on the western side of meridian and preventing the flip. My PA was spot in. Next time I’ll just image in one side or disable dec guiding anyway, I still managed to get these shots
  13. Thanks for all your tips and tricks. I’ve implemented the changes, although SharpCap couldn’t resolve the polar field (need a smaller guidescope I think). This guidecurve is way better
  14. Hi Steve. Just tried this pdf and it works like a charm! No backlash anymore. Thanks a lot. I've emailed the document to my supplier as well. Obi
  15. How would one reduce the mounts guide rate? (Is that in the Synscan controller itself? I don't think I've changed things there......)
  16. My PA was pretty good I think (I use the build in Polar scope on the EQ6). Thank you all for all the tips. To sum up, next time I will: Make sure the scope is balanced not just in RA and Dec, but also vertically Make sure the adjustment levers on the RA and Dec are tightened rock solid Make sure a proper PA is achieved and: Run Guiding Assitant before guiding to check PA and the balance of the whole setup Shout if I miss anything
  17. That's the funny thing, the mount was going over it's meridian, so after I saw this behavior, I resend the mount to the target and it did do a meridian flip. The issue persisted though.
  18. PA was fairly good I believe, but I could have had it very wrong (like even the wrong star in there) I did manage to grab my first Veil nebula image before things went haywire, but PHD was working overtime. Thanks for the tips so far
  19. What is balancing vertically? Is this placing the tube vertically and seeing if it falls downward to a side? Also I've never run guiding assistant.... so much to learn! I presume here you can chdck your unguided performance?
  20. Good question. I believe so, but I will check next time out!
  21. Hi SGL! Can you help me solve this mystery? After 45 minutes of ok guiding within 1,5 archseconds, the DEC kept running away. I tried: reconnecting the cables restarted PHD 2.0 software changed some of the Dec related settings like aggresiveness and max duration in PHD realigned the mount (started from scratch) and realigned the target changed the balancing on the scope But the problem kept occuring. Do any of you recognise this strange behaviour? Also a video here: Can you help?
  22. Thanks Paul! I’ll check out his videos on that as well. Indeed, I am 100% hooked now
  23. Hi SGL! After years of struggling with a 8 inch newton on a CG5 mount (which doesnt at all work for astrophotography) and an unmodded DLSR, I finally decided enough is enough and I took the plunge to get myself a brand new EQ6-R Pro, a new Baader coma corrector and a new QHY8L osc ccd. Last night, even though it wasn't pitch dark in Denmark at any point, I managed to get my first proper shot and view of the American Nebula and Pelican Nebula. Man that thing is huge! Didn't even fit in my fov Inspired by AstroBackyard (the Youtuber) I shot this from my terrace on the edge of a large city using a CLS filter. So what do you think? Some advice on colour balance would be appreciated! Edge of American Nebula, 16 x 5 min subs with 15x darks, flats and bias frames: Pelican Nebula, 10 x 5 min subs with 15x darks, flats and bias frames: Cheers! Jonathan
  24. I’m sure you’ve tried http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/ personally I’m from Holland so I use www.te-les-koop.nl also try this forums classifieds I hope we’re not putting you off the hobby, but deep sky astrophotography requires serious kit and we are hoping to help you spend your money wisely. It’s either saving up for a new heq5, waiting for a second hand or even start with a Skywatcher Star adventurer or something and go for DLSR wide field if you already have the camera and lens. Then you might as well start with a second hand cg5/ eq5 goto or equivalent if you find a good deal and a low weight refractor (like the much used ed80 or a 70mm even) and accept that you’ll have to upgrade the mount at one point in your Astro career .
  25. I wholeheartedly agree with the above about the mount. Forget about the field flattener and CLS filter for now and just get a strong mount! I’ve been where you are and cheaped out on the mount (went for a Celestron CG5) and had to sell that in order to get a EQ6 R Pro to support my scope. Just wait until there is an heq5 or eq6 second hand and you will thank us later. You can do with a CG5 or eq5 with a small refractor but once you start adding guiding equipment (and other accessories) and maybe a big Newton or SCG later on in life you’ll need to switch again). save up, get a heq5. The scope doesn’t matter (an ED80 or WO61 are great to start).
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