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  1. Hi, i've just got a new baader hyperion zoom mkIV and was wondering if there were any advantage to using it on my scope with the 2" adaptor or 1.25"? my scope is an explorer 150p, i realise the eyepiece is not a 2". thanks!
  2. be interested to know if they would be worth geeting for my 6". I've got the moore winter marathon on my todo list and M1 crab nebula is first up.
  3. I've read on here a suggestion of filling the legs with sand, haven't tried it myself.
  4. Your right Friday night Sat am is looking good! Please stay clear.
  5. I have the EQ3-2 and 150p (without motors) and its proved to be a great starting setup. Quite light and portable (for a newtonian) easy to setup and i've seen saturn and jupiter which took my breath away. However i want to take photos and am considering upgrading. The setup was £300ish but i could have got the 200p EQ5 for £115 more, and i kind of regret not saving a bit moer and getting that. Add the motors and your setup for a basic start in astrophotography and a killer visual setup. Its all about budgets though, the sturdier mounts are out of my price range unfortunately.
  6. Next to the bed...nice and close for emergencies! You know, astronomical emergencies.
  7. Group reviews are a great way to highlight pros and cons of scopes, i found them the most helpfull when looking for a scope.
  8. ASwesome isn't it? Love the bit where the guys on the balcony could have jumped on the wing!
  9. Wow, still trying to get that ticked off the list. Tell me did you view any colour? What would you describe it as?
  10. I got the Skywatcher 9X50 RACI after never quite being able to force my brain to work upside down and left to right. So much easier now, especially without the neck strain.
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