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  1. meade-jnr


    Warm welcome to SGL Luke
  2. Hello, a warm welcome to SGL! Luke
  3. Warm welcome to SGL, both of you Luke
  4. Hi there, Well, You can still find webcam adapters for the SPC900, from £19. Here's one from modern astronomy; http://modernastronomy.com/accessories.html#accAdapters Luke
  5. Warm welcome to SGL Roger Luke
  6. Hi all, I just had a thought, For my Skywatcher Explorer 130P SupaTrak Auto, Is there anyway for plugging it into a computer and using the computer to control it, instead of the handset? Thanks Luke
  7. Couldnt see nothing From brighton to, Using the 5" and the 10"! hmmm . . Luke
  8. My Sky-watcher came with a red dot finder, And its superb. Never anything wrong with it, And makes stargazing so much easier. Luke
  9. Hi all, Does anyone know of any Good windows mobile Astro software? star maps etc. . (Free i must add) Thanks Luke
  10. I'd rather 'Buy It Now' on ebay, At least you know you've got it. Thanks anyway , but i am enquiring about a 350D. Thanks all Luke
  11. I had a look at that item, But now sold Luke
  12. Okay thats Great. . If anyone see's a canon for a good price, Let me know ! Luke
  13. Ah thanks for the advise. And yes i will be connecting it up with the Lappy. . Many people i know have 350D's and 400D's. . And i have been looking out for a 300D. . But will a Nikon (Or something like) be good to connect to the Lappy and general Astro Use? Luke
  14. Hi All, Does anyone know whether it is possible to get a DSLR For astro use between the prices of £100-£150? :scratch: Thanks all :salute: Luke
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