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  1. Ah, okay - thanks for the feedback Dom - appreciate it. Back to the drawing board. I've heard it said many times about there being no perfect scope - maybe I should just finally accept that and realise I need to pick a direction.
  2. Hi All, I'm looking to purchase my next scope, previously had a 4" Reflector, now I want to upgrade and I'm thinking the Explorer 200p maybe for me. Currently, I'm mostly a visual observer, however, I am hoping to start dipping my toes into photography. I'm mostly interested in Lunar and Planetary stuff but would certainly try with the more common DSO (Orion Nebula, Andromeda etc.) I've seen a couple of people mention about there being issues with the size of the scope for the mount - is that opinion widely held? I'm just concerned that a lot of retailers are selling this combo and don't want to fall into a trap. Most, if not all sites I'm going to at the moment are saying they're out of stock. Do you guys think this is likely due to increased demand in people wanting something to do during lock down? If anyone has any advice based off what I've described above, I'd appreciate it. Also, if anyone is aware of places that have stock that would be appreciated too. Thanks, Gary
  3. I was just about to write the very same thing. Been staring at the forecast all day and our friends in the South East seem to be in luck.
  4. Really looking forward to it but sadly don't think the clouds will let me take a peek. Well that's according to the current forecast, we all know how easily that can change. Hopefully we all can get a look at some point.
  5. I had noticed a lot of images being posted on twitter of Venus and you're it looked lovely. Thanks for the information, I will start keeping a close eye on that thread, I'm sure I will find it very useful. Thanks, Gary
  6. Thanks for letting me know of the upcoming dates. I know there are websites that list times/ dates of the ISS passes. Do you know if there are any similar for Planets and The Moon? It is something I'd like to see for myself. I presume it's similar to Eclipses in that you have to be in the right place, at the right time in order to see it at its best. Regards, Gary
  7. Hi All, A yesterday I saw an image on Twitter of The Moon with Saturn in the background. Which got me thinking how often does that happen? Is there a list of dates/ times for this type of thing? Just wondering if anyone could give me anymore information or point me in the right direction. Regards, Gary
  8. Glad you were able to see something in the end. Hopefully we can all spend more time observing rather than cloud dodging! Jupiter always has the ability to provide a wow moment, it was the first planet I saw through a telescope and provided my first real wow moment too.
  9. Great post! I found it very useful, no doubt a lot of other people did too.
  10. Thanks for the responses. I think from what you've all said I'm best looking for a new Telescope. When I've been reading this forum I've noticed the 200p seems to be a very popular scope. I forgot to mention in my original post that I would like to do some sort of photography. As I mentioned I mainly do lunar and plantary observing so it would presumably be with a webcam. I would like to in the future do some DSO but for the time being I'm happy with lunar and plantary. Do I need a particular type of telescope for basic imaging? Or will I be able to do so with a dobsonian?
  11. Hi Everyone, I've been thinking for a while about getting some new kit. I would like some advice as to whether I should buy some binoculars or a new Telescope. A few years back I was given a 4" Newtonian for Christmas which started me on my way. I found it very good as an introduction to the hobby. To this day views of the Moon, Jupiter etc remind me why I started this hobby and keep me hooked. However I would like to try and get some better view. By which I mean being able to pick the moons of Jupiter out more easier, which is something I can do to a certain extent now but I would like some more detail. I tend to mainly do Lunar and Planetary observing and I've read people suggesting that Binoculars for Lunar and Planetary observing can be very good. Am I better saving up for a new Telescope or will a good pair of binoculars be more suitable for me? I have seen Binoculars on Amazon for around £50 - £75. I have a tripod for a camera so the size of the binoculars isn't really and issue for me, providing I can mount them on that tripod. Happy New Year and Clear Skies, Gary
  12. Gary23

    hello from liverpool

    Hi, Rob welcome to SGL.
  13. It's nothing personal Betelgeuse but I'd like to see a Supernova before I die!
  14. I'd second this, I'm nearly 21 and would love the chance to see it. Just imagine what it would be like this time around too, HD cameras etc.
  15. I really enjoy the programme, however I do feel that the title is a little misleading. There seems to be little emphasis on "Stargazing Live" as even with clear skies they spend no more than 5 mins out in the field a night. Last night's episode had more of a feel of a Live 'Horizon' episode about Mars Curiosity. Any Science based programme I will watch (as a rule) and this falls into that category. It's better than all the other rubbish that is usually on TV. As I've already said though, I do like it but I would prefer a bit more time spent actually "Stargazing". - Gary
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