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    Hello everyone. I am just getting into astronomy having moved to rural North Beds a few months ago. With there being no street lights in our village I am seeing so many more objects in the sky than I ever considered existing. I have been reading the posts here for several weeks and I have learnt so much from them. Thank you. I have bought a SkyWatcher SkyMax127 and the book 'Turn left at Orion'. In the past two weeks I have viewed Jupiter, Mars and Venus as well as 'Pleiades', NGC869 & 884, Iota Cassiopeia, Struve163. I did try and find M81 and M82 but it started to get too cloudy and I couldn't locate them. I didn't really know what to expect from the telescope, but so far I am reasonably impressed; someone is sure to tell me that I will soon grow out of it and start looking for something bigger! The first upgrade I am going to get is a new finder scope with a right angle, because with the tripod being quite flimsy it is always kept at its lowest height which means that when the telescope is at a vertical attitude you are nearly lying on the floor to look through it!. I am also going to make a sandbag to dampen the vibrations. I am starting to get crazy in the evening as I am itching to go outside, but all I can see are clouds.....
  2. A single zoom eyepiece covering 8-24mm as per the Baaser Hyperion would cost less than three decent eyepieces covering the same range, especially if the optical quality is as good as the fixed focal lengths.
  3. Hi John, Thank you for replying. No, the ghosting only happens with the barlow and when you look through the it just by itself you can see the reflections. I am primarily a photographer and camera lenses have anti-reflective coatings on the inside but this barlow doesn't appear to have anything like that. As I said I am in the market for a new barlow and probably a couple (or three) new eyepieces as well.
  4. I have recent bought a SkyWatcher 127 telescope which came with a 2x barlow. I have tried to use it on a couple of occasions but there is a lot of internal reflection within the tube which is causing 'ghosting' (if you can understand what I mean). Is this normal for a Barlow? Is this normal for this particular barlow? From reading other posts the Tal barlow appears to be highly regarded, and I am thinking of scrapping the SkyWatcher and getting the Tal instead? Your comments are welcome.
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