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  1. My mrs wants to get me binoculars for Xmas because I kept going out with my finder scope from my 200p dob, but it is rather awkward for just quick viewing.....but she does not know which ones. I am not familiar with this either so therefore this topic. She read that binoculars with an arro prism is no good, but perro prism is good. One with a polo prism is also found, but we have no clue what that means. Budget is upto 20 pound. Just a standard binoculars I wanted as the proper astronomy ones are to expensive for now. What do we look for and what do we avoid???? Maybe any links? thank you in a
  2. If you have a facebook account and some astronomy photos, go to facebook page: "https://www.facebook...GalaxiesNebulae" Message the page attaching your astronomy photo(s). Your photo(s) will be uploaded to this album: https://www.facebook...56250309&type=3
  3. new moon observable at day.......I think? If you scroll forward to 15 october 2012 using stellarium it looks spectacular, would it look like that or would you just see a piece of moon across the suns disc?
  4. thank you, id be ready for em but will keep it in mind
  5. Could you specify please? I was thinking of going to cannock chase myself for a bit of stargazing, closest for me in relation to dark skies
  6. Its tonight, is anyone going to try to catch a glimp of it? Apparently its viewable with 10" scope. Im too tired so ill be watching it on http://events.slooh.com/
  7. well done man, to be honest I do the same....you should find some samples in my gallery. Using this method you should be able to image saturn and jupiter as well, it is a long process and to try to get those odd shots which will give you the actual satisfaction, so a lot of patience required. Even though it took me ages to get a shaprish image out of any object, I enjoyed every second of the challenge and still do as I try to get an even better image out of it. Moon surface same thing. DSO I have tried but its just way too faint for this method, you will need a bright object to use this met
  8. I looked at stellarium and found lots of DSO's together ie Eagle nebula to the right of scutum to the south at my location. Now on the left side there is the wild duck cluster. I tried to find one of theese DSO using my 25mm EP I found something but cant make out what it was, I think it was the wild ducks as my scope was quite high up and constellation was hard to see as LP area, so not sure where I exactly aimed at. It looked like few stars connected with some nebula but they could as well be stars, it was rather faint. Any tips for these DSO?????
  9. you wait till you see the panorama images with the main camera, id say that be way better quality
  10. Oh to any one who will watch it, I would suggest to anyone going to watch the live broadcast to search and collect multiple links as there will be lots and lots off people watching the same link at the time so it might crash so then at least you will have a few alternative sites to watch the event.
  11. I am watching it as well have to work in the morning but i will get up even earlier to watch it.
  12. you will see live broadcast on nasatv, the scientists and engineers in the control room waiting for data to come through to determine how the rover is doing. the actual landing will also be based on data coming up on a screen, as I understood 14 minutes later from the time the rover actually landed. There will be a narrator keeping the viewers up to date while you can watch things going on in the control room. So when you find the crew in control room cheering, it be the obvious sign the rover has landed successfully. But be prepared of the crew not cheering and looking for signs of data this
  13. I hate the fact your not able to see things happen light years away before light actually reaches us. I am so interested in astronomy that I want to know as many things as possible and still be alive to know all these things. We would miss a lot of things in our lifetime. It is a tease to me knowing that something big might have happened and may happen right now and we will never know about it in our lifetime. Shows that compare to the universe, our lives are very very short
  14. Looking through my scope Jupiter looks awesome......I tried again to catch Jupiter holding my phone in front of the EP. Perfect sharp image but Jupiter itself appears as a bright disc with a blue and brown glow on the edges. Basically similar as Venus, no detail but pure brightness Would a filter help decrease brightness of the planet so details will appear on my images? Moon filter or something? I do manage to get slight, very slight, detail on my images when its bit blurry so that is no good. p.s. Saturn has worked out great and I have amazing shots using my phone in front of the EP.
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