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  1. Trial and error, try upping the steps by 50 %, see how it goes, then back down again if still working. Also, give the guiding assistant a go.
  2. Good to see you posting again Craig, been a long time ! I think you've done well there, it's not easy guiding a C8.
  3. Loads of niggles tonight but needed to get out of the house ... Friend is in hospital with you Covid trying the AVX mount after its strip down with the C8 on M101, couldn't get the OAG to focus ( I know, set up in the daytime) polar alignment was naf, eventually tried Sharpcap which surprisingly worked with a less than 1 degree fov. Now doing 30 second unguided subs .
  4. Blob of bluetac ! Easily reversed if needed
  5. Grabbed a quick 30 second DSLR shot of the plough.
  6. This is quite interesting. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilephoton.intervalometer
  7. Similar to this ? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/evostar/skywatcher-evostar-90-eq2.html
  8. It looks so much better on the packaging
  9. I used this Android app to check the best times available. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.distinct_solutions.aptcalc
  10. Should be doable I reckon, I managed this (out of focus though ) in Lapalma. About 80% full moon. We had 2 nights where the sun set well before the moon rose. Nothing special but sounds way darker where you're going. All the best of luck.
  11. My 120 mm (old usb2 type) does that pretty frequently, no reason just randomly ! Very annoying, I've started using my 224mc which seems to be ok. The ZWO 120 mm mini is supposed to be a good choice if you're looking at replacement. Noticed you're on Win 7, I'm on Win 10 so it's not OS dependant .
  12. HI, the black ring indicates you were probably out of focus, Venus will appear as a very small but really bright dot in most scopes. If seeing is good and you can focus accurately you should be able to make out the phase (not round, a bit like the various Moon phases)
  13. Thanks for the suggestions chaps, the pic above is oldish - using a ZWO 120 mm screwed direct to guidescope now and I will look at using more of the dovetail ! although it does feel very secure as it is.
  14. Hi all, can someone give me a reality check please I'm getting pa down to excellent using Sharpcap ... After imaging for a while and looking at PHD2 logs it's saying polar alignment error of around 3 to 4 arc mins ... Guidescope is rigid / no play, could the wedge be slipping maybe ?
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