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  1. Hi Steve I know this is not the supplier review section, but you will find it really hard to beat First Light Optics. Not only are their prices competitive, but their customer service is second to none.
  2. Hi Steve I recently got the 150p on an Eq3-2 mount from FLO. The price was very competitive and as far as my (very limited) knowledge about scopes goes, this is an ideal starter scope. The reasons i chose this one over the 200p dob is the EQ3-2 mount. If (like myself) you mainly do visual stuff then its very good. To give an example, i used my scope from within my home (i was too ill to go out) and was looking through a window with reinforced wire runing though the glass AND i live right in the middle of newcastle upon tyne. Yet despite those major problems, i was easly able to see jupiter and
  3. Thanks One of my family members is a metal worker by trade and has managed to get his boss to alow to let him build me one during his spare time. His boss has also told me i should patent the design too
  4. thank you im working on a knock up model at the moment for my EQ3-2 mount.
  5. ok my xbox finaly arived today (£3 inc delivery lol). I tried testing it out today but the whole capture screen on sharp cap was either solid white or totaly black. I'll try again later tonight (weather permitting ofc)
  6. one thing ive not seen yet is some kind of support struts that you can attatch to your tripod leg's to provide a mount (of sorts) for a laptop. Ive got the image/design but sadly have not got the facilitys to make any
  7. might be a daft question but will this work with my 150P? just got it today and already have an old xbox cam sat doing noting lol. If it does, do i just need to folllow the steps at the startt and drop it into the focuser/barlow?
  8. looking forward to trying this out
  9. Sputnic

    Hi All

    hello and welcome to SGL
  10. hello and welcome to SGL
  11. had to quote that to say ive just fell of my chain laughing! lololol
  12. when you mentioned webcams, i thaught about this thread i had a good look at. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/170747-xbox-livecam-mod-cliff.html seems to work quite well for images of the moon etc
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