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  1. Once you get to a certain speed, the increase in cost is worth then spending on improved guiding systems, and eventually, as you get to silly money, on moving to a better location. If you had $500,000 to spend. Would you get better observing with a $500,000 scope in the UK, or with a $100,000 scope in new $400,000 house in Hawaii
  2. When it arrives, you might think that £35 was a little expensive for something for simple. Once youve used it a few times, you'd realise that its usefulness way outweighs its price.
  3. 3 Clear nights this week mean that Ive managed almost as much good observing in October as I have throughout all of June, July August and September
  4. Was using my sony a200 dslr attached to a 200p,
  5. If you want to get the Jovian moons in an image, you will have to combine 2 together, the first exposed for jupiter, and the second exposed for the moons. You will need roughly 4 to 8 times longer exposure for the moons as you do for Jupiter. This is my attempt from earlier in the week, combined together in GIMP
  6. TheNorthernMonkey


    How a camera mounts to a scope
  7. Oh, and if you have an iPad, £2.99 for starwalk is a bargain. It even works under full cloud cover
  8. You can see a lot through bins. Through my 10x40s, I can pick out jupiter's moons, bring out loads of detail in the moon. I've used them more than my other scopes
  9. You don't need a moon filter to view the moon. The telescope end cap has a small ~2" hole with a little cap on it. Put the end cap back on, but take the little cap off the 2" hole. It'll make lunar viewing much more comfortable
  10. I use a 5se. To initially align to the sun, I just look at the shadow cast by the scope. When it's aligned, the shadow is circular. I've always managed get it sufficiently aligned using this method for the sun to be visible in a 25mm ep
  11. There is a social group set up here on sgl for those who have enrolled on a UCLAN course
  12. On Friday, my new scope turned up at work, from FLO, and as friday evening darkened, the skys stayed clear, to allow me watch jupiter climb over the Eastern skys, as a convienient tree in my garden shaded me from the worst of the moons glare. It cant be very often that a new scope arrives and the skys are clear on the same day
  13. http://www.studyastronomy.com/uploads/files/aa1051_schedule.htm Last year, it was the 10th of October. I'm guessing a similar time this year
  14. As a distance learning student, you should have access to the computer systems. You will submit your work via this
  15. Youll need to be quick to sign up to UCLAN, this years course starts on 1st Oct, and IIRC, you cant enrol once it has started
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