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  1. Thanks Chris I have some photos of the ground work I have done so far I will post them in a thread soon as I get home from work thanks for sharing the link
  2. Hi Chris really like you obey Clock did you make it yourself ? I've been searching online for something like that but with no luck :-( Great Obey Build just started mine done the ground work just waiting on my log cabin being delivered so I can move forward Dazz
  3. WOW thanks Guys certainty food for thought Thanks again Who knew it would be so difficult to find a scientific astronomy Clock !!
  4. Thanks for Sharing this build just starting my build done the ground work so far but I'm going the same way outside pier and logcabin as control room so will be following this thread with intrest Dazz
  5. Hi I have only just started my obey build so far I have done the groundwork and laid a slabbase for my log cabin that I'm waiting on a Delivery Date for ...... So while I wait I thought I would start looking for a good clock .. Here is what I'm after if one even exists. I've searched google high n low Large Red digital readout that includes seconds would be a bonus if it could sync with the local atomic clock (nearest to me is Rugby) would be nice if I could find one that also displayed local sidereal time too ... Any ideas ?
  6. Just a quick heads up guys if anybody does spot this gear i advice not to shout it out on the forum or stuff but to PM an admin or Peter himself if the theifs are watching these forums and see the post they could pull the ad before they can be traced !! Hope you get all your gear returned peter
  7. Hi i live in a semi suburban area with moderate lp i have purchased a Oiii filter for my 8"sct had a go at M1 but no luck so what nebula can i expect to see with my set up see sig for my gear list Thanks Dazz
  8. Online Astronomy Society .. ive sent you a pm about our starparty
  9. Im based in nuneaton and would be very interested in joining in .any luck with the north of nuneaton site ? Waiting on a powertank then i can leave the confines of my light polluted backyard
  10. Well i dont know how much i can help as im a noobie too but if i can help u i will
  11. well if you find a good way let me know lol im allways trying to think of way to explain how i need that expensive bit of gear to get the best out of my scope the wife usually replies with an hmmm ok then...
  12. Thanks Demonperformer and good to know there are other 8se users with more experiance out there i expect in time i will have many questions for you so ill say sorry in advance
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome guys @SteveA ive transported in a car to a freinds house for a sort of mini star party no problems at all isnt very heavy and easy to seperate the OTA and fork arm from the tripod basicaly 3 screws and its in two easy to transport parts set up took me about five minutes to get it from the car and set up and ready to align in my friends garden hope this helps with your question
  14. Hi everyone ive been a long time reader of this forum and have gathered some brilliant advice .. anyway a few weeks ago i purchased my first proper scope a celestron nexstar 8se due to weather ive only managed to use it a couple of times for a short while before the clouds returned or dew set in (dew strips,dew sheild and controller ordered ) so far i managed to view M42 what an amazing sight and i found the crab nebula it was very faint no detail but you could tell it was there im hoping the Oiii filter ive ordered will help ..hence my obsession with DSO,s hope to bag many more in time anyway just wanted to introduce myself and say hello
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